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【作詞tokyocabin】広東話《葉問永遠》Ip Man Forever (原曲・川井憲次)、広東話訳詞&歌 Gary Ng, 協力Quentin



This song was recorded by Gary Ng in Hong Kong, which is being hit hard by COVID-19 . Also, Quentin-san of Hong Kong Dream Guardian teram helped me as well. Thank you very much.

【作詞tokyocabin】広東話《葉問永遠》Ip Man Forever (原曲・川井憲次)、 広東話訳詞&歌 Gary Ng



The video is the final scene of "Ip Man 4." Ip Man, Donnie, who left this world after having his son film him.... No matter how many times I watch the video, I can't help but think that Donnie's "acting" is not acting at all, but purely "teaching," and the fact makes me smile. To be honest, Donny is not an actor but a martial artist and action star. He knows that. In an interview, the interviewer asked him, "People say that action actors don't act well. What do you thing?" Donnie answered, "If I work hard, I can do it as well as ordinary people." However, in acting in movies., being "as good as a normal person" is NOT good enough, Donnie-san...! But Donnie's actions (yes, "actions") are at the level of the GOD, so it's more than enough. In other words, Donnie's acting is "no- acting acting," and the director's challenge is how to make it look like acting. If the director intentionally makes Donnie to"adjust his crown right under his the plum tree 李下正冠," it will look as if he is getting a plum.

食べる”演技”対決:ドニーさん VS トニーさん Eating "Acting" Showdown: Donnie VS Tony

真剣に”ただ食べている”ドニー・イェン  "Just-eating acting" by Donnie Yen


1,533 回視聴2013/05/14 CKRUMBLEFISH
チャンネル登録者数 44人

常に”食事以外”の意味を演じているトニー・レオン "Thinking-while-eating acting" by Tony Leon


In The Mood For Food.
39,643 回視聴2014/04/24 Jody-aisha
チャンネル登録者数 49人

Well, I would feel more comfortable with Donnie if I were married to one of them.... He  eats a lot with no leftovers!

「葉問 永遠」の歌詞 by tokyocabin(広東語 Gary Ng、協力Quentin)

蒙著眼想起 記得師父向著前 平靜背影獨凝望
I remembered my sifu's quiet back gazing towards the front, blindfolded

其袖永飄揚 那聲音響遍大堂 凌厲氣氛讓人凝重
The sound of his sleeves fluttering forever, the sound of his voice all over the hall, the powerful atmosphere makes us stare

拳路百千重 勝出不依靠大力 唯獨要使真武功
There are thousands of kung fu styles... and victory does not depend on strength... only on the use of true kung fu

如若要改變 要訣不於套路 而是你的心境
If you want to change yourself, the key is not the form but your state of mind

誰沒法匹敵? 全沒自我在
Who can't compete with you? There is no ego.

凝望遠方 見到花瓣舖天飄過
Gazing into the distance, you see petals floating across the sky

無用再分別 我的師父正笑著 無謂因此感傷 明日有風雨
There's no need to separate from my sifu, who is smiling; there's no need to feel sad

也隻身無懼去闖 化身稀奇的曙光
I'll go through of wing chun alone, without fear, with the light of my sifu's soul

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