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やる気のない確定申告「やよいの白色申告」無料&「やよいの青色申告」年8,000円!Yayoi's online accounting for white and blue return



I'm an unmotivated tax return filer who had used accounting online service freee. Last year, I cancelled my blue return application and chose to record books for white return for the fiscal year 2020 because my humble micro "business" has been basically in the red.  I tried "Yayoi's white return online," which can be available forever for free.   

とりあえず青色申告できるソフトで最安値だったfreee; freee, the most reasonable blue return accounting soft in 2019


In 2021, the deadline for tax return procedure is April 15 with a month of extension from the date in normal years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 
Given factors such as updating, accounting systems based on the cloud system should be convenient. There are many cloud systems including freee, Yayoi, Money Forward (ex wakuwaku kaikei). A person who have no motivation and wish to avoid to pay money, like me, should have choice freee,  when I wrote an article on accounting in 2019.   


ご注意: 以下は2019年の料金です。当時はスタータープランは年額9,800円(税抜)でした。現在は11,760円(税抜)です。

Note: The following are plans in 2019. The Starter Plan was 9,800 yen (excl. tax) a year. Now it is 11,760 en (excl. tax) a year.  

<「free」の料金> Fee plans for "freee" 


「やよいの白色申告オンライン」は無料で簡単! Easy free service "Yayoi white return online"


Then I didn't feel like paying even 9,800 yen a year, and used "Yayoi's white return online," which you can use free forever!

「やよいの白色申告オンライン」を使ってみた感想 My feedback on "Yayoi white return online"

インターフェイスがとても分かりやすい Easy to use interface

freeeに比べると老舗だからダサい?=使いにくい?と思っていたわたしですが、弥生さんごめんなさい! とっても入力しやすかったです。ほとんど迷うことなく楽に入力できました。さすが「弥生会計」はシェア1位を誇るだけあるなぁと感じました。

OK, I admit that I had prejudice against Yayoi. I thought it might have a user-unfriendly, old interface, at least compared with freee, and it was wrong. Yayoi online has a very easy to use interface. I can input every data without trouble. No wonder Yayoi Kaikei accounting systems boast the top market share.  

そのまま「確定申告」もできちゃう  You can file a tax return


I used to use freee for preparation and then completed the tax return application via "Tax return application creation corner" at the website of the National Tax Agency. However, I can do every process on "Yayoi's white return online." That's so nice and easy!  

結論 : やよい>freee  Result: Yayoi beats freee 


This year, I tried white return for 2020 tax. As a result, I could have obtained a large return through blue return with 650,000 yen deduction. Even with the fee for "Yayoi's blue return online," I would enjoy the advantage. I 'm going to transfer from  "Yayoi's white return online" to  "Yayoi's blue return online."  Yayoi's  Self Plan costs only 8,000 yen (excl. tax) a year!  Meanwhile, freee started new charges from May 2020 with 11,760 (excl. tax) yen.  

<「やよいの青色申告オンライン」の料金> Fee plans for "Yayoi's blue return online" 




Easy-to-use, establishment, i.e. "modest scion" Yayoi-kun for 8,000 yen a year
Attractive but unconfirmed "new kid" freee-kun for 11,760 yen a year

 って、どうかんがえても、やよい君を選ぶしかないでしょう! ということで、来年から「やよいの青色申告オンライン」にお願いするぜ!
I have no choice but to follow Yayoi-kun!  Now, I shall start my fiscal 2021 with "Yayoi's white return online"!

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