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坂本龍一「東風」1978年の日本と中国 Tong Poo-Ryuichi Sakamoto 1978 Japan and China



"Tong Poo" is one of the numerous masterpieces of YMO. The techno tune with an unforgettable Chinese-style melody. How was it born?    

「東風」が生まれた1978年日本にとっての中国  "Tong Poo" was created in 1978

Roberto Martinez チャンネル登録者数 5590人
Album: Yellow Magic Orchestra. Year: 1978.

Track list:

1. Computer Game "Theme From The Circus" (0:00​)「コンピューターゲーム」 composed by YMO
2. Firecracker (1:48​) 「ファイアークラッカー」(花火)by Martin Denny
3. Simoon (6:39​) by Haruomi Hosono
4. Cosmic Surfin' (13:06​) by Haruomi Hosono
5. Computer Game "Theme From The Invader" (17:58​) by YMO
6. Tong Poo (18:41​) 「東風」by Ryuichi Sakamoto
7. La Femme Chinoise (25:00​)「中国女」by Yukihiro Takahashi
8. Bridge Over Troubled Music (30:56​) by YMO
9. Mad Pierrot (32:13​) 「マッド・ピエロ」by Haruomi Hosono
10. Acrobat (36:34​)by Haruomi Hosono


The above is the track list of the album titled with their own techno band (YMO)'s name, "Yellow Magic Orchestra," which was released in 1978. The album starts with "Computer Game," which is a now-popular 8-bit tune with an eye-opening quality. (No wonder! YMO consists of famous Haruomi Hosono, Ryuichi Sakamoto and Yukihiro Takahashi!)  The following song "Firecracker" is also a sweet masterpiece.   

トキメキのChick Norman版「ファイアークラッカー」 Firecracker - The Old fashioned / Y.M.O (Chick Norman remix)

8,075 回視聴•2019/09/24 Yellow Magic Orchestra Chick Norman チャンネル登録者数 8130人

動画に出てくる風景は(主に)昔の日本ですね。けっこう70年代の映像も入っていてます。Chick Norman氏のYMO曲アレンジはインスピレーションに満ちていて全部面白いですよ。ぜひチャンネルで聴いてみてください。
The above movie is mainly consist of old-time Japan including the 70's. Chick Norman-san's YMO arrangement is full of inspiration. You must listen to them on his channel!

Yellow Magic Orchestra Chick Norman - YouTube

元YMOのファンクラブ会員のチャバティ64さんの推薦は「マッド・ピエロ」(作曲・細野晴臣)です。ゴダールの映画”狂ったピエロ”から借用したタイトルのこの曲は、勇壮でカッコよく、なのに後味は切ない。味わい深い名曲。Chick Norman版もあわせてどうぞ。

Cabatea64, an ex-member of the YMO fan club, recommends "Mad Pierrot" composed by Haruomi Hosono. The track with a title borrowed from Godord's film is a cool, heroic number with a sentimental after taste. A dainty masterpiece... Also enjoy the Chick Norman edition!

Mad Pierrot 2020 - Extended Power Style Long Edition (Chick Norman remix)

17,635 回視聴•2020/08/14

鄧小平による「改革開放」Deng Xiaoping's Reform and Opening

実は上記のアルバム『Yellow Magic Orchestra』がリリースされた1978年とは、中国が鄧小平のもとで市場経済を導入した「改革開放」路線の始まった年です。当時から日本は惜しみなく技術支援&投資したもんですよね…。製鉄、自動車、鉄道技術とか。
The year 1978 was when YMO realeased the above album "Yellow Magic Orchestra," and when China started to introduce the market economy under the Reform and Opening policy led by Deng Xiaoping. Japan used to generously offer technological support and investment in every fieds, such as steel and car manufacturuing and railway construction.

同時に日本に中国の安価な製品がどっと流入し始めました。いわゆる「100円ショップ」が広まったのもこのころです。中華グッズにはそれまであまり触れたことのない共産主義テイストがあり、日本の若者には新鮮でエキゾチックなものに感じられ流行しました。当時は日本は技術経済絶好調で、ベストセラーのタイトル通り『Japan As No. One』(1979)と無双してたので余裕の目で見ていたかもしれません。
Meanwhile, inexpensive Chinese goods flooded into Japan. So-called "100-yen shops" spreaded in this period.  Chinese goods with communism-taste looks quite new to young people in Japan and become reasonably, chik fashion items. At that time, Japan was in full swing in its technological/economical lead in the world, as shown by the bestsller titled "Japan As No. One" (1979)  published. So Japan might assume a confident attitude to the country.

1987年の上海  Shanghai in 1987


8 mm China – Shanghai – November 1987 [中国上海] 338 回視聴•2018/05/10 Johan Nilsson

Lùjiāzuǐ, the area now filled with skyscrapers used to be a large marsh racoon dogs were inhabiting. The price of such land skyrocketed later, generating numerous new riches.

2020年の上海(外灘地区) Shanghai in 2020


上海のナイトウォーク| 外灘から東南京路へ 393,263 回視聴•2020/11/16 
Walk East チャンネル登録者数 2.82万人

Yes, they have become rich through industrial advancement only these 30 years. This is attributable to huge investments from developed, democratic countries. They believed that China would turn into democratic, just like Germany and Russia (then USSR), if people's income went up.

オリジナルの「東風」Original "Tong Poo"

坂本龍一が聴きこんだクラフトワーク Sakamoto was caught up in by Kraftwerk 


raftwerk live oct. 1978 854,150 回視聴•2012/08/30 Alain From France チャンネル登録者数 1990人
Kraftwerk live on TV show in october 1978 . 2 songs: "the robots" "radio activity".



The more I listened to Kraftwerk, the more I was overwhelmed by the long history of music in Germany and other European countries. ...I could not find a methodology to confront them. That was when the orchestra in Beijing shook up my mind, inspiring us to remember the fact that "We are Asians."  

星野源 YMO『東風(Tong poo) 』聞き比べ特集




When creating "Tong Poo," Sakamoto was inspired by the Beijing Symphony Orchestra. The following video is an old one (1965), but easy to confirm the influence on "Tong Poo."  

北京交響楽団 Beijing Symphony Orchestra (1965)


The Peking Symphony Orchestra 154 回視聴•2015/02/11 Contemporary Films チャンネル登録者数 387人
A studio performance, 1965.



That is,

Kraftwrk-like advangard, techno performance +  Beijing Symphony Orchestra's lyrical Asian melody  = YMO sound

Of course, this is just a simplified view. Later, Sakamoto started to bring in Japanese essense further. Anyway, at the time of 1978, "electro meets East" was a sensation!

坂本龍一ピアノ「東風」"Tong Poo" Piano by Ryuichi Sakamoto


Ryuichi Sakamoto “Tong Poo” 159,240 回視聴•2015/05/08
Ocean Music

This seems to be the prototype of techno tune"Tong Poo." Well, this may be a too exquisite performance to call a prototype. The piano performance underscores the sense of Debussy in this song. (He saw himself as the reincarnation of Debussy until he became 14.)  

(To be continued)