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尾形百之助を見守らNight; Chill heel Ogata-Golden Kamuy (CV Kenjiro Tsuda)



There are numerous unique characters appear in "Golden Kamuy," but Private First-class (PFC) Hyakutonosu Ogata is a bit special. He is a cool (I'm gonna refrain from calling him "cold-blooded") heel who is supported by a large number of fanatical fans. Do you think that I just wanted to write about him with some passion? You hit a mark!  

緒方百之助を見守らNight Wanna spend a chill time with Hyakunosuke Ogata? 


26 回視聴•2021/02/11 cream 


In this static AMV, he blinks time to time.  That makes me feel like that I should not go to the washroom for awhile. (Are you going to shoot while I'm away from my position?)  So I am with him all night. Oh, I'm just OK because I'm writing this blog in this warm room here.

尾形百之助とは?  Hyakunosuke Ogata, Who?


An PCF soldier under the 27th Regiment, Third Shidan (division), Hokkaido of the Imperial Japanese Army. Always remaining calm with a while, emotionless mask. A perfect sniper. He can also command Russian language as a man reports to Lieutenant Tsurumi, an intelligent officer. 

 実は主役杉本に迫る人気者  Ogata complete with main character Sugimoto in popularity

In the GHA (Golden Kamuy Hokkaido All stars) general election, Ogata marked amazing 12,771RT, very close to main character Saichi "Immortal" Sugimioto (13,552RT). "The guy is within my range."


『進撃の巨人』のリヴァイもそうですが、みんな、こういう有能かつダークなキャラに弱いよね。なんで? 自分にないモノだから憧れるんでしょ。はい、わたしのことです。

Just as same as Captain Levi in "The Attack of Titans," many people like this kind of very capable but dark characters. Why?  Because they are totally different from you, and, yes, I am one of you!

緒方上等兵登場シーン Debut fight of PFC Ogata 


Golden Kamuy - SUGIMOTO VS PRIVATE OGATA PT.1 46,963 回視聴•2019/03/29 D' Sub チャンネル登録者数 306人

1507 Lorelei
1 年前

Ogata is seriously killing...
His looks and voice...
On looking at his bold smile when he picked a bolt of the type 26 revolver of Sugimoto, I fell in love with him.



In this way, many men and women became passionate about him. Now, I turned myself in. Could you order a bowl of Katsu-don without green onion? 
Yes, you cannot resist the charms of his voice.

尾形百之助の声、津田健次郎の演技幅は広い Ogawa is played by voice actor Kenjiro Tsuda


【声優】津田健次郎の演技 CharacterVoice:kenjirotsuda(CV) 6,905 回視聴•2021/01/13 ボイスでーた

Popular voice actor Kenjiro Tsuda can vocal a wide variety of voices and every type of voice is cool. However, Toramaru (1:24) and Horie Hanasaki (6:13) are exceptions.

漫画『極主夫道』1巻発売記念PV(CV津田健次郎)Comic"The Way of the Househusband" PV (CV Kenjiro Tsuda)


758,811 回視聴•2018/08/03 くらげバンチ新潮社 チャンネル登録者数 2.64万人 

『極主夫道』実写版PV(主演:津田健次郎) "The Way of the Househusband" Live-action PV by Kenjiro Tsuda


『極主夫道』(著:おおのこうすけ)実写版PV 11,731,563 回視聴•2019/12/27 くらげバンチ新潮社
これ、声の主、津田健次郎さん直々の主演PVなんですね! しかも、シチュエーションが漫画版に忠実と言うことで非常な人気を博しています。


This PV of "The Way of the Househusband" is played by voice actor Kenjiro Tsuda himself!  This video is quite popular among the fans of the manga because the setting is , remains faithful to the original version.
Of course the TV drama version starring Hiroshi Tamaki gained popularity, but not a few people hoped to watch the Kenjiro version. (I personally think Hiroshi Tamaki is not bad. <<I support him because he had a difficult life.)  

Partly because of this (?), the animation version with CV Kenjiro Tsuda is set to be released this spring on Netflix. "Happy ever after."


…Oh, the story slipped away from PFC Ogata. Let us go back on track in the next article. (TBC)


『ゴールデンカムイ』のポイント3つ  "Golden Kamiuy" in 3 points

  • 野田サトルが2014年から『ヤングジャンプ』連載している漫画で、2018年に手塚治虫文化賞
  • 明治末期の北海道・樺太を舞台にした、金塊をめぐるアドベンチャー漫画
  • アイヌ文化を丁寧に描いていると評価、とくに狩猟と料理
  • The serial cartoon by Satoru Noda has been published in Young Jump since 2014. Won Tezuka Osamu Cultural Award Award in 2018.
  •  A adventure comic over gold set in Karafuto area in Hokkaido Prefecture around the end of Meiji Era
  • Highly evaluated with the fine description of culture of Ainu indigenous people particularly in hunting and cooking

You can check details of the animation version below.

ヤンジャン漫画TVで原作漫画を味わおう! Enjoy manga at Young Jump Manga TV!

ヤンジャン漫画TVは、アニメではなく、あくまでも”漫画”を動画にしています。こうした「漫画動画」はアニメ作るよりぜんぜん低予算なのに、アニメと同等 (あるいはそれ以上?) の楽しみが味わえます。現在よくある「ハウツー本などの漫画化」はこうした「漫画動画」ですよね。

Young Jump Manga TV is a channel mainly offering manga movies, movies consist of a series of manga frames, instead of animation. Such "manga movies" can be created at lower budget than animation but make you enjoy stories as much as animation (or maybe more). Recently we can see a lot of this type of manga movies based on how-to books.  



Be that as it may, the drawing of "Golden Kamuy" is superbe. No wonder it won the Manga Grand Prix. The realistic sensations will bring you to the wilderness in Hokkaido, where various characters and animals are running around. Be careful! Once you start to read the manga below, it's a rollercoaster you can't get off!

【1-1話】不死身の最強男が凶悪死刑囚とアイヌの金塊をめぐって… Ep. 1-2 Immortal man knows the sotry of prisoners and ainu's gold


ヤンジャン漫画TV 1,962 回視聴•2020/12/14

主人公杉本佐一またの名を「不死身のスギモト」は日露戦争(明治37-38年) の激戦地203高地を生き抜いた。
Saichi Sugimoto aka "Immortal Sugimoto" is an ex-soldier who survived the fierce battle of 203 Hill in the Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905). 

【1-2話】不死身の男vsヒグマ Ep. 1-2 Immortal man vs. brown bear


ヤンジャン漫画TV 638 回視聴•2020/12/28 

杉本、アイヌの少女アシリパさんと出会う。Sugimoto encountered Ainu girl Asirpa san.

【2話】獰猛なヒグマと戦った結果!?Fight with a ferocious bear


484 回視聴•2021/01/04

刺青の秘密が明らかに。 The secret of tattoo was unveiled.

【3話】狩猟用の罠を人間に使うと!?  Ep. 3 If you seet hunting trap for humans


ヤンジャン漫画TV 583 回視聴•2021/01/11

二人で囚人の捜索開始。The two started to search for prisoners.

【4話】仲間割れ!?脱走した死刑囚を捕えて…  Ep. 4 Split? Catch an escaped prisoner


ヤンジャン漫画TV 593 回視聴•2021/01/17
のっぺらぼうの存在を知る。They knew the existence of the condemned Nopperabo (faceless monster).

【5話】陸軍最強の兵士vs不死身の元軍人!?  Ep. 5 Strongerst soldier vs. Immortal ex-soldier


ヤンジャン漫画TV 3,238 回視聴•2021/01/24


Hyakunosuke Ogata in the 7th Division appeared. The chitatapu of squirrels.  

【6+7話】 元軍人がキレたらヤバすぎた!?  Ep. 6-7 Don't make the ex-soldier mad!


ヤンジャン漫画TV 3,504 回視聴•2021/01/31
"Escape King" Yoshitake Shiraishi appeared. Sugimoto's pathetic past.

【8+9話】不死身の男が軍に目をつけられた!? Ep. 8-9 Immortal man was marked by army?


ヤンジャン漫画TV 432 回視聴•2021/02/07


Rabbit chitatapu with fermented bean paste. Matagi hunter Genjiro Tanigaki appeared.


FODプレミアムなら『ゴールデンカムイ』3シーズン全て無料! You can watch all 3 seasons of "Golden Kamuy" in FOD Premium for free!!

FOD Premium Membership is free for 2 weeks. Now you can watch all three seasons of "Golden Kamuy" in FOD Premium for free. The season 3 is delivered only via FOD!

ゴールデンカムイを完全無料で楽しむ方法結論 Conclusion: How to enjoy "Golden Kamuy" for free 

  1. ヤンジャン漫画TVで9話まで無料で楽しむ
  2. そのあとFODを登録して2週間無料で楽しむ(急いで観れば3シーズン分を全部観ることは不可能ではありません)観きれなくて、1か月だけ入会しても888円で済みます。
  1. Enjoy the manga at Young Jump Manga TV through Episode 9.
  2. Later, enjoy the animation, becoming an FOD free member for two weeks. If you cannot watch all three seasons within the period, pay 888 yen for one month more. 

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