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ポチタ(チェンソーマン)縫いぐるみ、レビュー動画爆誕! Stuffed Pochita #Chainsaw Man



Shueisha holds an online event called Jump Festa Online. I found the Pochita toy and could not help but click on it. The result was a hit!

「ぶるぶるポチタマスコット」 Stuffed Pochita with vibration function


「ぶるぶるポチタマスコット」#チェンソーマン, #ポチタ, #ジャンプフェスタ , #Chainsaw Man, #Pochita  14 回視聴•2021/01/30 tokyocabin
「 俺たちの邪魔ァすんなら…!」っとヒモを引っ張る。

I've got this "Stuffed Pochita with vibration function. It is soooo cuuute! "If you’re gonna get in our way...!"  Now the time to pull the string.


The explanation say "vibration function" and I thought "Does the chain saw turn?" No way, the cute chainsaw is made of soft felt pieces.  So it's OK for you to sleep with the Pocita. (I won't do that because I can squash the little one.) When you pull the string, it vibrates and moves for three secounds on the desk. Yes, that's all.


  • 仕事で疲れた時、ふとヒモを引っ張ってみる
  • 同僚との話のネタにする
  • ただその愛らしい姿を愛でる

How can you enjoy the vibration Pochita on the desk?

  • When you are tired from work, you can pull the string for a change
  • You can chat with your colleagues on it
  • You just enjoy watching the adorable, curte figure 


It is a well-made plushe. The motor part is fully stitched into the body part. So when the battery runs down, Pochita needs to undergo laparotomy.

そもそも「ポチタ」ってなんやねん? What is Pochita anyway? 


Pochita is an existence (devil) to which Denji opens his heart. Pochita faces a certain important event in the first episode of "Chainsaw Man." If you are interested in, please read the following Shonen Jump Plus site. No worry, you can read through Ep. 3 for FREE now.  

「チェンソーマン」第1話 "Chainsaw Man" Ep. 1



Oh, you wanna it read more?  Of course you can read it on for some points in Jump Plus, but if you hope to "own" the comic, I recommend you to purchase it through FOD! 

46%オフで漫画を読もう Enjoy Manga 46% off



If you are going to read mang, FOD must be the best choice! 
In FOD, the book price is lower than rivals. Moreover, thanks to its unique point system, you can get manga at only 54% of the displayed price.

FODの安さを検証する Calculation to verify how FOD is reasonable



418 x  0.54 = 実質 225円

 When you purchase FOD Premium membership for 888 yen a month, you can get 1,200 points (1 point = 1 coin = 1 yen. You can get 400 points every day with 8, such as 8, 18, and 28 of month) plus 20% pointback.


"Chainsaw Man" is 418 yen a volume.
418 x  0.54 = 225 yen (in substantial price) 

8の日に400ポイントずつゲットして行くだけ  Get 400 points on dates with 8


You can earn 400 points on dates with 8, such as 8th, 18th and 28th of the month, by clicking the following part, and purchase manga by using the points.


Earn point >> buy managa. You just repeat this process.




When you use this method (so-called "8-date point method," according to tokyocabin), you cannot read all the volumes at once. That's good because you can enjoy the story little by little.

Accordigly, I've read it up to volume 4.

FODはアニメ『ゴールデンカムイ』が全3シーズンが無料  FOD offers All 3 seasons of "Golden Kamuy" for free

さ・ら・にFODはやはり話題のアニメ『ゴールデンカムイ』が無料で観られるのです。シーズン3まで観られるのはFODだけ! はっきり言って、『ゴールデンカムイ』だけでも月888円の会費の価値はあります。
Further more, in FOD,  you can enjoy the popular animation "Golden Kamuy" for free. FOD is the only provider offering the season 3!  To be honest, it is worth paying 888 yen monthly charge only for "Golden Kamuy."


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Can Sugimoto and Asirpa meet each other again? A new survival game starts in Karafuto (Sakhalin)!  

結論 Conclusion

やっぱ FOD得だわ! FOD! That's it!