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木梨憲武「不機嫌なモナリザ」のご機嫌な歌詞☆Pleased with lyrics of "Displeased Mona Lisa"-Noritake Kinashi


"Displeased Mona Lisa" sung by Kinashi Noritake was created by the golden couple Ryudo Uzaki & Yoko Aki. So I grabbed my BOSE QC20 earphone to listen to it. Of course, that's a masterpiece and I quickly translated the lyrics.

木梨憲武 「不機嫌なモナリザ」  "Displeased Mona Lisa"-Noritake Kinashi MV


木梨憲武 チャンネル登録者数 3.35万人

配信EP『木梨ミュージック コネクション2』好評配信中
*「不機嫌なモナリザ」収録(作詞: 阿木燿子 作曲: 宇崎竜童)

冒頭の長回しが素晴らしい! 夜明け前のバスのアイドリング…缶コーヒー(BOSS 微糖)が飲みたいから、ちょっと待って。揺れるカメラのクローズアップが、澄んで冷えた空気と劇場チックなテンションを伝えていている…。2:29の宇崎竜童の艶光りするドライビンググローブに凝縮された男の夢とロマン。

The initial long shot is a breathtaker!  The idling of a bus in the predawn hours. Oh, wait a minute, let me fetch a can of coffee (trace-sugar). Shaky camera closing up lets you feel the clear, cold air and theatrical tension... At 2:29, Ryudo Uzaki's glittering driving globes are the symbol of men's hopes and dreams.   

堀田英仁監督の映像センスが光る Directed by Hideto Hotta


堀田 英仁 (HIDETO HOTTA) - 2020 REEL
262 回視聴•2021/01/03
Hideto Hotta チャンネル登録者数 40人

どれも物語の薫りがする映像です。 今後の活躍に注目。
Each piece of his videos conveys you the scent of a story. Attention should be paid to his works. 

「不機嫌なモナリザ」作詞・阿木燿子  Lyrics of "Displeased Mona Lisa" by Yoko Aki


The lyrics are written by Yoko Aki. This is a love song of a selfish man who try to heroic but can't oppose his woman actually. Oh, I really want to be such a magnanimous woman with such a smile! The music composed by Ryudo Uzaki is like Flamenco + enka, which is tremendously dramatic.  This is the same type of music with the couple's lifework performance "Ay Sonezaki shinjyu (Lovers' suicide in Sonezaki)" based on play Monzaemon Chikamatsu. 

どう生きるか 問い詰められて
いつだって俺 しどろもどろさ
愛してるよと チグハグなAnswer
How do you live? Whenever she questioned me
my answer begin to fall apart
I love you, pointlessly said I
There is a gap between our minds

もうこりごり ロマンチストは

I'm fed up with you, romanticist
Your voice is blending into the darkness
Messy echoes of my dreams
resonating under the dome

腕を組んで 窓辺に佇む
今のあなたは 不機嫌なモナリザ
With her arms folded, standing by the window
you're looking like displeased Mona Lisa

凍りついた 微笑のあとは
無理をしないでいいよ 今の俺には
After the frozen smiles dried
I found the color of your tears
No need to push yourself. I am now
afraid of your smile

どうやってみても 裂けたキャンバス
縫い合わせたって 傷は残るさ
愛してるとか 馬鹿なQuestion
I tried hard to amend a ripped canvas but
if we stitch up the cut, it would result in scarring
Do you love me? What a foolish question
You looked away

謎を秘めた 瞳の奥には
深紅の炎 不機嫌なモナリザ
Deep in your mysterious eyes
I can see crimson flames, my displeased Mona Lisa

勝手に俺 祭り上げてた
生身のあなたを 聖母マリアに
ご都合主義だね そうさ 昔から俺
I set up you as a Virgin Mary
although you are flesh and blood
So opportunistic, yes, I have been
afraid of your smile

木梨憲武 「不機嫌なモナリザ」(日の出ver.)  MV with rising sun


木梨憲武 「不機嫌なモナリザ」(日の出ver.) Music Video
1,457 回視聴•2021/01/15

なにこれ? カンヌ映画祭ですか? それにしても、ノリさんすっごい絵になるんですけど。帽子かぶってうつむいてるとことか、ここは”私どものいうところの花巻のイギリス海岸でしょうか?”(宮沢賢治)。加古隆の「パリは燃えているか」と合わせてもまた似合う、素敵な映像ではないでしょうか。こういう絵って、若いと撮れないと思う。すくなくとも30年前の彼ではこうはならないだろう。

What's this? Is he aiming to get this out for the Cannes Film Festival?  Noritake Kinasi a.k.a. Nori san looks very stylish.  Looking down to the earth with a little hat, he looks as if Kenji Miyawaza  strolling along the coast (in Hanamaki City, Iwate Prefecture) nicknamed as "English Coast" by him.  This lovely video goes well with "Is Paris Burning" by Takashi Kako. You cannot shoot such a video with a young person. At least, it would be impossible for Nori san 30 years ago.

ロックンロール・ウィドウ 世良公則&宇崎竜童&阿木燿子 "Rock'n Roll Widow"- Masanori Sera, Usazki Ryudo & Aki Yoko

*Please click the following link to watch the video.  


ロックンロール・ウィドウ 世良公則&宇崎竜童&阿木燿子
38,609 回視聴•2019/11/10
Taro Canned チャンネル登録者数 3.01万人

Yoko Aki is astonishingly charming in her 70s! Ryudo Uzaki playining on the palm Yoko Kannon Bosatsu is alos cute.  I hope Masanori Sera to do muscle training.

My ideal future model as a woman is Yoko Aki and Carol King, both are very gifted. That said, although I am very lower in terms of the level of talent, I can follow their direction as a reference. It doesn't make much difference whether I eat high-quality Godiva or low-cacao Tirol choco, the result would be sweet when enjoying it with my friends.  

Read this article on lyrics queen Yoko Aki

まとめると Wrap it up now


While some lyrics can be written only by fresh young writers, some only by persons with rich experience.

あっさり真っ白”フレッシュな”レアチーズケーキ  Simply white "fresh" no-bake cheesecake



レアチーズケーキ Japanese style no bake cheese cake|komugikodaisuki
2,290,922 回視聴•2019/08/09
小麦粉だいすき チャンネル登録者数 18.8万人

The above cake is good 

どっしり真っ黒”風格の”バスク風チーズケーキ(バスチー)Rich black "stately" Basque burnt cheesecake


『バスチー』バスク風焦がしチーズケーキの作り方 | えもじょわキュイジーヌ
716,181 回視聴•2018/09/29 Emojoie Cuisine
and this one tastes greate as well with a a slightly bitter taste.

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