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『ゴールデンカムイ』全3シーズンを無料で観る方法 How to watch all 3 seasons of "Golden Kamuy" for free


 新年おめでとうございます。正月だけどコロナだし、テレビアニメ『ゴールデンカムイ』全3シーズン観ませんか? 2週間以内なら全部無料です!

Happy New Year!  Bright sunny new years day but we are still under the COVID-19. So, why don't you enjoy all three seasons  of the popular TV animation "Golden Kamuy"?  You can watch FOR FREE if within two weeks. 

『ゴールデンカムイ』(3期)EDテーマ:THE SIXTH LIE「融雪」"Golden Kamuy" Season 3 ED Thema-Melting of Snow

NBCUniversal Anime/Music チャンネル登録者数 17.3万人


BE AWARE! There are numerous traps called SPOILER in ambush under the snow, no, on YouTube!  But this MV is OK... (I am writing this in somewhat lower tension after running into a cruel spoiler)  

『ゴールデンカムイ』のポイント3つ  "Golden Kamiuy" in 3 points

  • 野田サトルが2014年から『ヤングジャンプ』連載している漫画で、2018年に手塚治虫文化賞
  • 明治末期の北海道・樺太を舞台にした、金塊をめぐるサバイバルバトル漫画
  • アイヌ文化を丁寧に描いていると評価、とくに狩猟と料理
  • The serial cartoon by Satoru Noda has been published in Young Jump since 2014. Won Tezuka Osamu Cultural Award Award in 2018.
  •  A comic on survival battles over gold set in Karafuto area in Hokkaido Prefecture at the end of Meiji Era
  • Highly evaluated with the fine description of culture of Ainu indigenous people particularly in hunting and cooking

You can check details of the animation version below.


A number of unique (queer) charactueres appear in the manga. Personally, I am fond of Asirpa, an Ainu girl. She knows how to fight and survive in her filed, the wilderness of Karafuto, has multiple views as a woman who can communication with wajins (Japanese people), does not use feminine wiles, and treats the main character "Immortal" Sugimoto (an ex-Japanese-Russo War soldier) harshly.  Sugimoto's absurd politeness to Asirpa is also nice.

FODプレミアムなら『ゴールデンカムイ』3シーズン全て無料! You can watch all 3 seasons of "Golden Kamuy" in FOD Premium for free!!

FOD Premium Membership is free for 2 weeks. Now you can watch all three seasons of "Golden Kamuy" in FOD Premium for free. The season 3 is delivered only via FOD!

FODは格安で漫画も読める You can enjoy mangas at low prices in FOD

FOD by Fuji Television offers TV animation programs and manga.

  • ポイント1 月会費が888円  Monthly membership charge 888 yen
  • ポイント2 1,300円分ポイントが毎月つく 1,300 points earned each month
  • ポイント3 『ゴールデンカムイ』は513円  513 yen for one volume
  • ポイント4 買ったその場で20%還元  Prompt 20% point return 
  • ポイント5 会員やめても読める  Can read even after quitting monthly membership 

5つの デバイス共有可能 Share contents among 5 devices

  • ポイント6 5つのデバイスで共有可能
    つまり家族や友達と分け合える‼  You can share purchased manga among five devices, i.e. your families and friends!!

注意点と予告 Point to note and previous notice

When you share your content with other, you need to pay attention of the treatment of the common account information. 

FOD Premium ID is linked to below various individual ID when you register your account:

  1. フジテレビID   Fuji Television ID
  2. Yahoo! JAPAN ID
  3. 楽天会員ID  Rakuten membership ID
  4. 大手携帯キャリアID(「docomo ID」、「au ID」、「My SoftBank認証」) Major telecom carrier such as docomo ID, au ID and My SoftBank Certification

まとめ Wrapping-up

ずばり、FODは『ゴールデンカムイ』でもって、サブスク増加を獲得を狙っております! わたしの読みですが、テレビが母体のフジサンケイグループは、とにもかくにもフジテレビ・コンテンツの数字を上げるのが至上命令なのであり、それがためサービスてんこ盛りなのである。
I'm telling you. FOD is going to grab a large number of subscribers by using "Golden Kamuy"! In my guess, for Fuji Sankei Group, originated from Fuji Television, it is critically important to increase the audience rate of the TV contents. In light of mission, FOD will do everything it can do for subscriber acquisition. 
It is worth coming in on the intention of FOD. It is free for 2 weeks anyway, and even if you pay 888 yen per month, you can get 1,300 yen-worth points, which means an overwhelmingly reasonable service! In addition, you can cancel your subscription anytime. No disadvantage, huh?   

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