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守武者ガーディアン第4話は勇進(よんちょん)参上! Brave Guardian arrives in Ep. 4!


新年 快樂~!  2021年は目下無敵なこのヒーローの記事から始めるぜ!
A Happy New Year!  Let's get started with 2021 by introducing this invincible hero!

香港ローカル特撮ヒーロー「守武者ドリームガーディアン」には、真っ赤なヒーロ―夢翔(もんちゃん)と、もうひとり、黄色のヒーロー勇進(よんちょん)が出てきます。あれ?でも3話までは赤だけだったよね? お待たせしました! 第4話は、いよいよ勇進(よんちょん)の登場です! お昼時の学校を襲うモンスターの話、すっごくおもしろいよ。

In Hong Kong local tokusatsu hero drama "Dream Guardian," there are  two heroes: One is red fighter Monchan, and the other is yellow one Yonchon.  You said, "What? I've only seen red one through Episode 3!"  Sorry to have kept you waiting!  You can finally see Yonchon in Episode 4!  This is a story about a monster attacking the school at lunch. Enjoy!  

第4話 好き嫌いなく食べようぜ!!  Ep. 4  Don't be a picky eater!!

守武者-夢翔 第一季 第四集
4,746 回視聴•2020/11/07
守武者-夢翔 官方頻道Dream Guardian Official Channel
チャンネル登録者数 2270人

平時蝦蝦霸霸的旭健突然變得奇怪,愛上用零食撈飯。而且還要威迫其他同學一同跟隨他! 究竟發什麼事呢? 面對強大的迪斯災暴食怪人,守武者-夢翔一人似乎難以應付。就在這時,黃色的英雄誕身了!

いじめっ子のケンがヘンだ。急にスナックに夢中になって、クラスメートにも妙な食べ方を推しまくる。これは一体? 頼みのドリームガーディアンもんちゃんは大食いモンスターを倒せないし~。とそこに、黄色のヒーロー見参! 事態を解決してくれるのか⁉

Bully Ken suddenly started to act strange. He devours snacks and urges his classmates to eat in a strange way. What happened to him? Dream Guardian 夢翔 is having a bitter fight with Greedy Monster. What should we do? Here comes the yellow hero!  Go! Brave Guardian! 

良い子なのでネタバレしません!!  Don't be a spoiler!!


Oh, Hong Kong moms also prepare a lunch box for her kids like in Japan. The HK-style lunch box is casual but looks very tasty!  Japanese bento lunches are prepared too carefully. It is somewhat a bother to prepare, although it is good for kids who just have them. 


And, the school bell sounds exactly the same as the one at Japanese school. That is interesting!


f:id:omhd:20201230071211p:plain(tokyocabin) そうそう! ん? あなた誰ですか?
Exactly!  Huh? Who are you?

f:id:omhd:20201230071023p:plainあ、まだ早かった?ww 今のところ、通りすがりの者とさせてください。
それにしても、よんちょんカッコいいですね! お茶目なのに。
Oh, did I appear too early? www OK, call me "Mr. passerby."
Anyway, 勇進 is funny but cool.

Special effects for attacking are very good!



"A man who who has a sense of humor and can fights" is the best!
"A man who can fight and has a sense of humor" comes second.

Yuki-san became the summoner of 勇進. That's HK-like and cool!


f:id:omhd:20201230071023p:plain「それは聞かない お約束~♪」

"Not supposed to ask the question~♪"


さあ! エピソード4を見た君はチャンネルも登録だ!
Now, it's your turn to be a subscriber!

Now, I suddenly remember you!  Aren't you the XXX who XXX XXX XXX XXX of Dream Guardian?  

f:id:omhd:20201230071023p:plainそ、それこそ今は「聞かない お約束~♪」 
For now, you are"Not supposed to ask the question~♪"

Excuse me, what's that song?

For this song, please refer below.
This is the theme song of "Teletama kun" a yellow local hero, in a sense, just like Yonchon.

Oh, I see, so you are watching Television Saitama (Teletama) in Saitama Prefecture, huh?

NEVER! (flatly) ☆彡☆彡☆彡

テレ玉くんのうた~アニメ3分ver~  Theme of Teletama-kun (animation 3 min. ver.)

29,910 回視聴•2019/12/20
チャンネル登録者数 8070人
作詞/テレ玉くんと仲間たち 作曲/前山田健一

「それは聞かない お約束~♪」

"Not supposed to ask the question~♪"


Kenicchi Maeyamada...is AKA "Hyadain." No wonder that is impressively catchy one. I'll not start writing on Hyadain because that's a one-way ticket of Infinity Train.

『守武者 ザ・ガーディアン』過去作一挙公開! All three episodes of "Dream Guardian"! 

なに? 今まで君は、香港ヒーロー『守武者 ザ・ガーディアン』をちゃんと観たことない? それじゃ、ここに全部動画を貼っておくぜ。しっかり観てくれよな! 

 第1話 夢は世界を明るく Ep. 1 Dreams brighten the world

13,430 回視聴•2019/08/10に公開済み
守武者-夢翔 官方頻道Dream Guardian Official Channel
チャンネル登録者数 2390人

This is the memorable first episode of the Guardian with the debut of Dream Guardian Monchan.

f:id:omhd:20201230071023p:plain香港ご当地特撮ヒーローの誕生した瞬間。感動! A this moment, HK local tokusatsu hero hook his first step!  Very historic!

第2話 飛ぶ鷲の戦士  Ep. 2 Fly! Eagle fighter 


6,445 回視聴•2019/08/17に公開済み

Monchon had a hard battle, to our surprise.

I believe it has something to do with the system of dream charge. He might need more dream charge.

第3話 グリーディモンスターの邪悪な  Ep. 3 Greedy Monster's evile gamble


8,386 回視聴•2020/04/25に公開済み

This monstor have funny particular characteristics.


Monchon is so serious that he response such a strange enemy in an honest manner. This is his weak point and attractivness.

今日のチャージ Today's charge!

Don't hold back your courage! Be brave! (Never do take your courage in and out! )

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