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アクション俳優・美濃輪泰史Interview②「香港アクション激熱の秘密」Yasufumi Minowa "Secret of HK Action"



The second episode of Yasufumi Minowa (Yasu san) interview is on Hong Kong action!

香港アクションの秘密 Secret of Hong Kong action


Yasufumi Minowa is an action actor, who started his career at Hong Kong, the center of action movies.  Could you tell me why the action movies made in Hong Kong are so interesting?  

2006年1月、アクションを学ぶ 為に単身で香港へ渡航。2006年~2008年まで香港で役者、 スタントマンとして活動。

2009年以降、活動の場を中国の北京へ移す。 数多くの海外映画やドラマに出演。

In January 2006, he went to Hong Kong to learn action. Working as an actor/stuntman in Hong Kong from 2006 through 2008.
Since moving to Beijing in 2009, he has appeared in a number of movies and TV dramas shooted in China.

美濃輪アクションは香港仕込み!Learns how to fight in Hong Kong!


Yasu Minowa showreel 2006-2018
340 回視聴•2017/12/20 Minowa Yasufumi

このリールカッコいいなぁ。 Wow, this reel is cool.


The movie industry of Hong Kong pays much respect to actions. 
This is thanks to numerous action stars in the past from Bruce Lee to Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, Yuen Biao and Donnie Yen today. Moreover, these action stars have created movies themselves as action choreographer, director, editing, producer, etc., which is another important factor for the high status of action movies in HK, I believe.

そもそも高い身体能力が無ければ…香港映画界は渡れない You cannot work in HK movie industry without high physical ability


Yasufumi Minowa show reel 3
1,661 回視聴•2009/02/11 KTA1102


In the studio of HK, all actors and staff get together to create thrilling action scenes. Everyone well knows how to shoot action films together. For example, art coordinators prepare dummy arms and feet for realistic fight cuts, as well as various sets and props including things that can easily break so that stuntmen and actors would not hurt.  

後で出てきますが、『導火線』でのドニー・イェン対コリン・チョウの戦闘シーンとわたしは二人とも二階から「頭から落ちている! 香港はここまでやるんだろうか?」 と心配したものです。もちろんよくできた人形でした。でも撮影が上手いから全然そう見えないんですよ。

When I watched the fighting scene of Donnie Yen vs. Collin Chou in "Flash Point," I thought that they really fell from the second floor on their heads. These are dummies, of course, but they are hard to be noticed because of skillful shooting.

普通の公園にて香港アクション  HK actions in an ordinary Japanese park


 Yasufumi Minowa
307 回視聴•2009/09/16

I must call police when I happened to watch!

You can try crazy, dangerous or big ideas in Hong Kong, which would be impossible in Japan due to the budget or decision of producers, among others. That would be the largest strength of HK action films.

ノリと緊迫感を備えた香港アクションは独特  HK action is unique with its tention 


yasufumi minowa showreel 2012
219 回視聴•2012/09/16 Minowa Yasufumi


By taking advantage of apparently negative factors, such as "super-small spaces," "impassable roads," or "almost broken shack," they make realistic, interesting, very rare-to-see, eye-catching action scenes. That's exactly the HK style.  In the above video, bound wrists are effectively giving tension to the whole action story.

香港の俳優は基本鍛えている? Do all HK actors/actruesses stay fit?


I wonder if all actors and actresses are doing excercise to get into shape in order to move in action scenes.


I don't think  young actors and actresses today are doing action compared to the past. On the other hand, in the 80's and 90's, so-called the golden era of HK action films, all actors and actresses do action scenes by themselves without using stuntmen. That's all for pursuing realism to make the film better. Actors in the generation are having much training everyday. No wonder so many great works were generated in the era.

”アクション・クイーン”ミシェル・ヨーの華麗なるアクション Action Queen Michelle Yeoh


再UP ミシェル・ヨー アクション集 PART1 ~Michelle Yeoh Fight Compilation~
203,326 回視聴•2020/06/08
メリケンコ チャンネル登録者数 7.37万人

香港でアクション・クイーンの座を守り続けたミシェル・ヨーは今も現役。最後に出てくる『イップマン外伝 マスターZ』(2018) 撮影時で、すでに55歳です。バレリーナを目指すだけの身体の柔らかさはもとより、体中から華やかなエネルギーが発されている。さすが”クイーン”冠するだけあって、長年数々の映画で演じてきたカンフーの動きがとにかく美しい。スチール写真でも、あああん、このしなやかな身体と殺気のある目つきの美麗さ! 中国拳法の動きとしてのバランスが取れていると思います。(比べるとチャン・ツィイーの動きはダンスに見えてしまう)…こんな女になりたいものである。そんでもって、マックス・チャンと闘ってみたいの。(←はぁ?)

Michelle Yeoh is the action queen who has led HK action movies. She was 55 years old when she appeared in one of her recent movies, "Master Z: The Ip Man Legacy '' (2018). Look at her elegant, graceful fighting moves coming out of her muscles, which is flexible as a ballerina (she had been trained to be a  ballerina before she was injured).  She has assumed "queen" for years with numerous great kung fu films. Even in still photos, you can see her perfect-balanced posing of Chinese martial art with a willowy body and enchanting murderous stare!  (Compared to Michelle,  Zhang Ziyi's moves look very dancing-like.) ...Oh, I wish I could be such a fighter! (and I wish I could fight with Max Zhang! Fighting is the ultimate form of love, in a sense, according to my opinion.)  

現在も現役で”闘う”ミシェル・ヨー Michelle Yeoh can fight even today


最高のアクション映画『酔拳2』と『導火線』Must-watch movies,"Drunk Monkey 2" and "Frash Point" 


My best action movie is Jackie Chan's "Drunk Monkey 2." I started to copy his moves upon watching it for the first time.

『酔拳2』 (1994)を観てからというものの! "Drunk Monkey 2" drives Yasu to the world of action!


『酔拳2』 TV日本語吹き替え版  ジャッキー・チェン
263,971 回視聴•2020/04/11
ぎいざあ チャンネル登録者数 5.63万人
1994年 香港映画作品 


I came to know Jackie through this movie.  The reason I am working as an actor in China is because of "Drunk Monkey 2"!
The attractiveness of the movie lies in the fact that Jackie himself is doing kung fu and the kung fu is a special style called Zui Quan (Drunken boxing).
On the very day I watched the movie, I started to practice the moves of Zui Quan every day. Until then, I had never felt like following someone's moves in action films, but Jackie's Zui Quan by Jackie was special to me. I just wanted to keep moving like him from morning through evening literally everyday as if I was haunted. I didn't know why.  

  ジャッキーvs. ケン・ロー Jackie Chan Vs Ken Lo


☯ Jackie Chan Vs Ken Lo (Drunken Master II) Final Fight HD ☯
2,351,232 回視聴•2013/05/18
BestMAFights チャンネル登録者数 1.65万人

That sounds almost like you fell in love with Jackie Chan, no, Zui Quan!


Jackie looks like a real drunk, and the action scenes look as if he moves as he pleases. Actually, his moves are based on his fine-tuned action choreography meticulously calculated. The moves are smooth, natural, but very powerful. They are never boring no matter how many times you watch. That's definitely my favorite.

美濃輪泰史主演『酔拳』予告 "Drunk Monkey" Starring Yasufumi Minowa  (trailer)


映画『酔拳』 予告 Drunken Master MovieTrailer
1,165 回視聴•2020/01/15 Minowa Yasufumi

これ、面白いですよね。主人公サラリーマンという設定、ありですよ!ぜひ本編が観たいです。ロケがくわとモンペの”Stranger to the City"ビデオと同じ浅草寺というところも、英語版MV作者(非公式)としては感慨深いです

The Japanese version of "Drunk Monkey" should be interesting. The hero is a Japanese businessman, which sounds chill!  I really want to watch the movie when it is released. The location of the movie is Sensoji temple in Asakusa, Tokyo, the same location with "Stranger to the City" MV by Ku-wa de MOMPE. That thrills me because I made the English lyrics video for that unofficially.   


However, speaking of action films, you cannot skip this!

衝撃総合格闘技アクション映画『導火線』(2007) Mixed Martial Arts action film "Flash Point" 


《導火線》高清修復版預告 Flash Point HD Trailer
36,202 回視聴•2015/05/06 天馬電影 Pegasus Motion Pictures Official
チャンネル登録者数 9750人



The other one is "Flash Point" released in HK in 2007. I was really shocked by this movie. 

Firstly, it was the first HK action movie that adopted mixed martial arts (MMA) movements. It has kung fu, gun action, street fighting, whatever, and, moreover, is very interesting in story.  Secondly,  while dummy arms and feets are used in action scenes, of course, Donnie actually hit and kicked the faces and heads of stuntmen.  How far was he going to pursue realism!  I bet that is an action movie you've never seen before.


…Yes, the movie is very realistic, and fantastic as well.

ドニー vs. コリン・チョウ Donnie Yen vs Collin Chou at Nam Sang Wai (南生圍)


Donnie Yen vs Collin Chou
36,832 回視聴•2017/12/02 Dominik Ko チャンネル登録者数 266人


Someday, I will visit Nam Sang Wai to do "Frash Point" play...


I guess no one but Donnie can do that action. Never.  In action scenes, he made a feint and missed a punch just like an actual fight.
The action style of Donnie is different from Jackie. In the level of action, Donnie is superior to Jackie. Donnie's action is so special.  

ドニー vs. シン・ユー Donnie vs. Xing Yu at open-space restaurant


Flash Point donnie yen fight scene HD
591,302 回視聴•2017/12/08 david monmousseau チャンネル登録者数 1880人


This is my favorite too. I watch the "Flash Point" DVD in the good times, in the bad times and so-so times, i.e. always regularly. Sweet poison, thy name is action! (Precisely,  they name is Donnie-san)

ドニー・イェンについて Super action star Donnie Yen


Yasu san joinned two movies of Donnie Yen. What was he actually like?


Donnie is a man of energy. 
He never makes compromises when shooting. I'm always fascinated by his attitude pursuing his ideal action scenes. In addition, he is actually a little bit goofy and very interesting.
My first conversation with him went like this:
Donnie "Did you sleep with a girl in China?"
Yasu "I slept with many girls every night!"
Donnie chuckled.  

『レジェンド・オブ・フィスト』(香港)2010年  " Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen" 


Donnie Yen - Legend of the Fist Fight Scene | The RAP MEDIA
19,959 回視聴•2020/08/24に公開済み

In this movie, Donnie plays the legendary role of Bruce Lee. (He appeared in other remake versions of Bruce's works.)  Donnie has a lot of funny anecdotes as he seems to not be so perfect when he is not in a fighting mode. That's OK as a man who can handle nunchaku because Bruce used to say "Don't think!"

 FYI, if you are interested in nunchaku, I recommend you this channel☆  

アリババグループの創立者は武術家?  Is Jack Ma a kung fu master?


ENGSUB【功守道 Gong Shou Dao】马云邀功夫全明星致敬中国文化! | 马云/托尼·贾/向佐/吴京/邹市明/朝青龙/甄子丹/李连杰/佟大为/黄晓明 | YOUKU MOVIE 优酷电影
2,842,096 回視聴•2020/06/21 优酷电影 チャンネル登録者数 44万人


I ran into this PR movie of Youku. This is pretty funny, right?  (Wu Jing's pink dress!) Around 9:37, Donnie appears, showing his beautiful fighting form that is really killing. I cannot recognize Jet Lee in the next scene soon...though.


Ex-Alibaba CEO Jack Ma, who plays a role of kung fu master, often shows off his Tai Chi pose.  How good is he at kung fu?


I also watched this movie before.  I guess he would be able to do kung fu. He does not look like a real kung fu master, but his movements are quite right.  

…やっぱり? いや、それほど、本当の武術家の上手な方の動きってきれいなんですよね。これは太極拳の大会で本物の模範演技観た時そう思い知りました。ほとんど仙人?チート? ん? ジャック・マーほどの富豪となれば神モード発動で、武術界はもとより天下統一はたやすく見えたが…(こないだIPOダメだしされたとね)

I see. I learned how the moves of experts are different from others when I watched  masters' demonstration of Tai Chi competition. They are like gods or mountain hermits who can use magic, almost a cheat ability in the video game.  Wait a minute, as one of the richest men on earth like Jack, dominating the whole China, including the world of kung fu, seemed to be easy in a God Mode with the ability... (He failed to do his IPO the other day.)

 カットされた仙術発動部分 Omitted part of Jack Ma's God Mode

《攻守道》被删减部分 - YouTube
2,046 回視聴•2017/11/13 Bing Han

番組の途中ですが天下統一おめでとうございます!  Breaking news: Opio dominated the whole China in "Sangokushi V" by KOEI!

まとめ Wrapping-up

熱い! やはり本当に香港のスタジオで闘った人は違う。おそらく比べると日本のアクションは温泉のようにはぬるめであろう。そのくらい香港アクションは特別なのである。

ということで、美濃輪さんにわたしの武術に対する心をしたためたこの歌を贈ります。(え? 帰りに寄るとこあるから荷物になるんで遠慮しますと?)

Yasu san is really hot!  No wonder he learned how to fight in the studio in Hong Kong. Japanese action would be as lukewarm as hotspring for him.  HK action is sooooo special!
Lastly, Yasu san, let me express my sincere heart to martial arts with this song as a present for you. (Oh?  You have no time ... OK, I'll listen to this with my dear readers.) 

終わりの歌 Ending theme:
東京キャビン歌詞「イップ・マンのテーマ」"Ip Man Theme" Lyrics by tokyocabin


オリジナル歌詞「イップ・マンのテーマ」川井憲次, Ip Man Theme (Cello: Séverin, Vo. Asami), 《葉問》日文 (広東語, Eng) #詠春 #ドニー・イェン

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