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「チェンソーマン」1巻無料を読みながら「犬と猫」を待つ Reads "Chainsaw Man" Vol.1 for free, waiting for a dog/cat drawing


『チェンソーマン』をなるべく安く読む方法を探している最中ですが、とりあえず1巻分はJUMPで無料で読めます (英語版は無料で読めず、しかも9.9ドルって高え)。…といった風を装った実質業務用記事です。
I am searching for the best reasonable way to read "Chainsaw Man." You can read the manga Vol. 1 (seven episodes in total) on the official website of Shone Jump in Japanese  for FREE. (Sorry, but the English version is not available for free. The retail price of the English comic is USD9.99, double compared to the Japanese version!)  *This is actually a business communication pretending to be an article. 

おぴお氏の才能が生んだ本家とのギャップ Gap with original generated by Opio's talent


If you read "Chainsaw Man" after watching this Opio's drawing, you cannot find such a character in the manga. The reason is simple. That is not the picture drawn by author Tatsuki Fujimoto, not even the reduction of his drawing, but "a pure work of Opio, the illustrator," no matter how you looked at it. 
I have already imagined various stories based on this picture, so all I do is to just request Opio to "draw more." (He seems to be creating a dog/cat drawing now.) 

早川アキ(おぴお画伯)Aki Hayakawa drawn by Opio


だからどこにでてくんだよー、このキャラよー? (尊敬と共にウケる)

So let me ask him agin, where the hell is this character? (lol with some respect)
You can check the original look of Aki Hayakawa at the below the "Popularity vote of Chainsaw Man's characters" on Shonen Jump official website 


And I found out that the character I drew is Aki Hayakawa.


He "found it out" and that's alright, but, excuse me, we cannot found it out well. The transformation of the character was caused by Opio's genius filter. (The little topknot of Aki is almost out of the frame.) However, the drawing of the fox head (Kon) with his hand is more than perfect. Look at the deformed finger tips, a shallow hollow of the nail, somewhat acrid shadows, etc.! Even an octopus can understand his finesse. Above all, a vacant space placed on the left of the character is vindicating that his former life was Sharaku, the famous ukiyoe painter in 18th century.  

写楽の浮世絵(おぴお画伯)Sharaku's ukiyoe drawn by Opio


Sharaku 写楽描いた
25 回視聴•2020/09/10



Wow, we can understand his style (or his former life) by displaying these two works together. I decided to create a new category "opio" in an attempt to observe the "breakthrough the limit" of his talent.  

I really would like to enjoy Opio's "Chainsaw Man," and will request him to draw other characters when he does not play "Three Kingdom Saga 5."  (He seems to be creating a dog/cat drawing now.) 


Meanwhile, I recommend my readers to check his article titled "Chainsaw Man seems to be interesting but I have not read it yet"


"Seems to be interesting" his illustration! You can understand his rich soft power build up in his brain when you take a look at his blog. If you don't understand it, however, that is totally OK.


FYI, the following animation was created by Opio without any budget via chromebook. This work is a six-rayed star only for people who can understand it. 

Yummyを踊るホッパーくん  Hopper's dance to "Yummy" 


dance Animation Yummy (Dance by Hopper)ダンスアニメーション ホッパーくん JustinBieber 76 回視聴•2020/02/01 opio

ポチタ・グッズについて考える On Pochita goods 

Mr. Opio also made a cute, little animation of Pochita.
"Anyone can create animation for free by using app flipaclip"


The above animation is yet to be uploaded onto YouTube. More advanced version is scheduled to be on it later, while he is drawing another one. (He seems to be creating a dog/cat drawing now.) 

ポチタの形状について Shape of Pochita





There is a scene where Denji, the main character, uses Pochita as a chainsaw.
Pochita has two handles: One is on his neck and the otehr is under his tail.
The neck handle is set horizontal to his face, while the other is set vertical to his face.


The figure of Pochita was released and there are some fans who made stuffed toys of Pochita. I personally want to get a Pochita mug since he has handles. The chainsaw part will work, of course. It is super difficult to drink coffee with the Pochita mup because of the two handles placed crossed, albeit separately... That's exactly the selling point!  

ポチタの 3Dモデリング   3D modeling of Pochita


D Modeling Pochita - Chainsaw Man ポチタ - チェンソーマン
217 回視聴•2020/11/15
x-y axis チャンネル登録者数 17人

…最近…うっすら…3Dに興味を持っている。なぜなら…Adobe CCを40%オフでサブスクし始めたからである。え?何それ?と思ったあなたは下記の記事に飛びましょう。

I have started to be interested in 3D little by little since I started to subscribe to Adobe CC with a 40% discount. Did you say, "What?"  Just click the following link.

「チェンソーマン」は7話1巻分全部無料 You can read "Chainsaw Man" Seven episodes for free



Some are unaware of the fact that you can read the manga up to seventh episodes for free at Shonen Jump, the publishing rights owner. The rest? I am now calculating to find out the most reasonable manga application. 

2次元を立体っぽく動画化するエフェクト  Effect for making 2D to 3D-like


『チェンソーマン』9 巻発売記念スペシャルPV
1,327,458 回視聴•2020/11/04
ジャンプチャンネル  チャンネル登録者数 95.6万人


  • 紙がどんどん近づいてくる(スピード調整がポイントか。よく集英社が使っている)
  • 紙に書いた漫画のキャラが切り抜きのようにやや立体的に見える(OPビデオとかで使われている)


The reason I added this PV is because I am interested in effects used in this video.

  • 2D drawing coming closer (with fine-tuned speed. This is often used by Shueisha)
  • 2D characters looks a little bit like 3D cutout (Often seen in OPs)

What are these two effects? (Are these effects same?)  I'll check them later. Not now, because I have three projects with some parties. (I really need to finish tomorrow, at least one of them.)

まとめ Wrapping-up


What should I make in the 3D-like effect?  Let me wait until a dog/cat drawing comes up.

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