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ヘアサロンのホームレス「自分を発見」Homeless discovers his true self at hair salon;三浦大知 Daichi Miura-Antelope


本当に、変わるんですよね、表情が! 心が! たった、髪を切っただけですよ!!

Yes, they changed and you can change too! Look at their bright smile displaying their feelings! They just had their hair cut!!  The power of haircut is truly awesome.  

ヘアカットのパワー! A haircut is a powerful thing!


Haircuts for the Homeless
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"You won't change the things anyway..." 


Where have you hiden away such a swee tmile?


Look like, you know, an average person.


This line makes me cry. He has recognized himself as the one worse than "an average person."

自分を知るきっかけとしてのヘアカット Know who you really are via haircut




I personally talk with homeless people on the way to the office/home. Passing hot drinks and so forth, I have a chat with them. Some of them are drunk and cannot talk at all, but some start to talk to him/herselves. They used to be "average persons," but turned to be homeless for various reasons. That could happen even to you and me.
They face many hardships without a meal, safety place to sleep, sanitary conditions, etc., but the hardest thing must be the sense of hopelessness and social isolation.
So I was really moved by these videos.  

He's wearing an "It was over..."looks


Look at his twinkling eyes!


I've learned what it's like to give forward today and it comes back to you.




Offering food, money, these are support, of course. Exchanging warm chats may help them. However, haircuts by professionals at salons gives them something more!It is "pride" lying deep down inside their hearts. 
When they watch themselves transforming in the mirror, their faces are becoming brighter and brighter. 

「これが本当の自分なんだ。自分はまだ可能性がある! 自分を大切にしよう!」

We can hear their inside voices. 
"This is the real face of mime. I know I have possibilities! I should take care of myself!" 
You can ignore the voices of people outside, but cannot ignore your voice inside.
When your true voice whispered to you,
"Wait a minute, I think this one is my true self," 
you will naturally start to change yourself, heading for yourself. (like the song of Daichi Miura)  

三浦大知 (Daichi Miura) / Antelope 

三浦大知 (Daichi Miura) / Antelope -Music Video- - YouTube

三浦大知 (Daichi Miura) / Antelope -Music Video-
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This song is almost a cappella and is very beautiful. Lots of listeners, including those out of Japan, call it "an angelic voice," Yes, his resonant voice sounds like a heavenly call of an angel. I believe Daichi is an angel in his heart. Oh, the dance at the end of the video is fantastic with a delicate last moment. 

これが俺⁈っと涙ぐむスペインのホームレス "Is this me?" Spanish guy gets slightly teary


Homeless Spanish man given free makeover
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euronews (in English)
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0:48 真実の瞬間!
0:48 A moment of truth!

いつもいるので「広場の地縛霊」とよばれていた彼が… He used to be called "Spirit of the Square" because of whre he lives





People need to think themself as
"I am cool!” with pride.
There is no one who is not interested in his/her looks anyway.

タイムラプスで観るホームレスの変貌 Homeless timelapse transformation


Homeless Veteran Timelapse Transformation
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ほんっと、もう人生投げてる感じの彼が…Wearing a sense of abandon


最後に鏡を見るショットが好き! Find a different man in mirror!




Why do these videos move your heart?
Because they are not videos in which "homeless persons are being helped by people," but the videos showing us
"how our self image is powerful!"
Actually you are the only person who can change you. If you do not be kind to yourself, who does that for you?  There are various difficult situations. Homeless persons must be treated in a bad way by others. However, there are so many people in this world and so many aspects of society. There is a chance for you to change. Free haircuts offer them the chance.

自己イメージに苦しめられたわたしの父 My father troubled by low self-iamge



  • 我慢しないで好きな服は着るべきである(いい気分の方がいいに決まっている、まわりにとっても)
  • ”成功”の定義は一つではない(ハッピーエンドはいろいろある。みんな事情が違うので千件に振り回されないほうがいい)
  • ”成功”の目標は適切な再定義が必要(世の中分かってゆく)
  • プロテインと運動とスマイルは欠かしてはいけない(筋肉は絶対裏切らない)

My dad died when he was 59 years old. All his life, he had been haunted by the low self-image of himself. No wonder he habitually indulged in alcoholic liquors to free himself from the agony. He never bought new clothes for himself. In his last months, he had refused to eat a meal.

I'm concerned about this and asked, "why don't you buy new clothes? You would look great." He said, "I won't buy a new outfit until I am successful." As a result, he had never made a "success" and gone. I learned the following points by this:

  • Wear your favorite clothes so that you feel better (Look better, feel better)
  • There are various kinds of "success" (as with there are various happy ending for stories)
  • Redefine your targets for success appropriately (in light of social changes)
  • Protain, weight training and smiles are crucial for your life (Trust you muscles)

まとめ Wrapping-up


You cannot change your past, but you you can shave yourself today.

おまけ Appendix





The following story is a little bit "spiritual," so it's up to you whether you believe it or not.
I sincerely gave my dad a decent burial and prayed for him every day. At one night after a few months from the funeral, I saw my dad in my dream. We are in the lobby of a luxury cruises ship. He was smiling sipping tea in his dashing suite...said, 
"A cup of nice tea and a piece of cake are perfect, aren't they?"
I thought that it was strange because he loves alcoholic drinks. (Frankly speaking, he was addicted to alcohol.) Then, I remembered my mom's words.
"Your dad had a sweet tooth but switched to alcohol after failures in his business."
Because his bright expression in my dream was exactly like those of the above homeless men (after the transformation),  I cannot stop my tears. 
Anyway, let us respect ourselves for this moment.    


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