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名悪役M氏ご紹介--遠藤憲一ではない『湯けむり』CKB「山の音」 Mr. M is NOT Kenichi Endo but plays villain; "Yama no oto" by Crazy Ken Band


「銃声かい? いいえ、あれはただの山の音」
またお会いしましたね? 東京キャビン新宿マッチングセンター主任「成田そめみ」です。本日も愛の有力情報を無料にてあなたに。どうでしょうかね、M氏? 

”Is that a gunshot? No, it's just a soud of mountains"

Oh, hello again. Somemi Narita, a chief of Shinjuku Matching Center of Tokyo Cabin. Today, I brought you attractive information for FREE!, of course. How do you think of Mr. M? 

M氏は悪役を演じることが多い Mr. M plays villain

  • ご職業は役者です!(映画やテレビに出演なさっています)! 悪役が多いです。(ご注意:遠藤憲一氏ではありません)
  • He is an actor (for movies and television)! Often play a villain. (Note: He is NOT Kenichi Takito)

だから遠藤憲一じゃねーって言ってっだろが! I repeat, he is NOT Kenichi Endo!


暴力団排除活動広報用コマーシャル ゛飛び出す遠藤憲一篇゛
8,513 回視聴•2016/10/03
警視庁公式チャンネル チャンネル登録者数 2.52万人
暴力団を恐れない。暴力団に金を出さない。暴力団を利用しない。暴力団と交際しない。 暴力団のことで困ったら、すぐ相談。

Commercial video for "exclusion of criminal gangs (yakuza) campaign"
Never give up the power for Yakuza!  

 強面にギャップ萌え? Charming sary-looking man


69,552 回視聴•2017/04/26

チャンネルフェルス チャンネル登録者数 51人


味噌ラーメンが好き (ドニー・イェンと同じ)
2010年 NHK朝ドラ「てっぱん」

<Things you should know about Kenichi Endo>

He likes miso (bean paste) ramen (as with Donnie Yen)
He does not refuse any offers (as long as his manager wife accepts them)
He used to play Kikoshi Junior in "Ninja Squadron Kaku Range"
He mostly play roles of criminals until he became 44 years old
He became famous for NHK morning drama "Teppan" in 2010
Despite his yakuza-looking face, he is actually very spoiled

手下をネコ化させた貴公子ジュニア(ニンジャ戦隊カクレンジャー)Cat's paws of Junior (Ninja Squadron Kaku Ranger)1994


忍者戦隊カクレンジャー ガシャドクロ 遠藤憲一
4,481 回視聴•2020/06/08
火野竜牙 チャンネル登録者数 256人


I really love this scene with cute cats and evil Junior.

めちゃ強く割とカッコいい貴公子ジュニア(ガシャドクロ)Strong, so-so cool Kikoshi Junior (Gashadokuro)


忍者戦隊カクレンジャー ニンジャレッド(サスケ) vs ガシャドクロ(貴公子ジュニア)
12,265 回視聴•2020/06/09 火野竜牙


 Look! Junior/Gasadokuro is so powerful.

やっぱ遠藤憲一といえば『湯けむりスナイパー』Acually, Kenichi Endo got famous for "Yukemuri Sniper" in 2009


湯けむりスナイパー 主題歌 山の音
58,740 回視聴•2012/11/16
Eri Kamei チャンネル登録者数 94人


In the aforementioned video for <Things you should know about Kenichi Endo>,  he said NHK drama "Teppan" in 2010 was his turning point for his career, but actually his first hit was "Yukemuri Sniper" in 2009. Since it was a late-night drama targeting adults, he may hope to forget about it "with hot spring steam"...


"Yukemuri Sniper" is based on a traditional erotic comic... Oh, I just watch the drama at night only once. Mr. Endo looked like "shady slim dandy," which is my type a bit.  However, in the original manga, the ex-sniper hero is a huge man. I previewed the manga and found that it is a pure X-rated manga you can never carry to Singapore. Of course this original script cannot be used for the TV drama and it was hanged. If you are a type of person who loves Ghibli, please do not click the link. (However, all reviews on the manga are very favorable...)


hew, that was close. After such a racy manga, let us refresh with a moody retro movie.

"Yama no oto" Crazy Ken Band (Movie "Yawahada musuku; Otoko goroshi onna goroshi 1969)


15,722 回視聴•2015/03/08
伽羅範破利 チャンネル登録者数 786人


0:16 cut is chill like HK movies. I think Johnnie To and so forth are influenced by these movies, including Kurosawa. Sometimes it looks typical and common, but very stylish and cool at the same time. Overall lovely, very cinematic, especially in camera works.

「山の音」歌詞   "Sound of Mountains"

「山の音」歌詞   "Sound of Mountains"

作詞:横山剣 作曲:横山剣

Music/Lyrics by Ken Yokoyama

山の奥深き 秘境の宿に
この身を寄せて独り 穏やかに暮らしたい
歌わずいてくれよ 遠いやまびこよ
記憶を消して来た 因果者の歌

At a mountainous, isolated inn
I'd like to live quietly there
Don't cry, far mountain echoes 
It is a song of an ill-fated man who got rid of memories

沢の水の流れに この身をまかせ
行きつくところまで 流れてゆけばいい

It isn't even funny
All may past should fly away with hot spring steam
but the poor habit in my heart
tries to take me back to yesterday
I'll surrender to the flow to mountain steam
I should float to the end 





Lyrics by Ken-sama is basically playful, which is very sweet. Very jokish pickup lines. Even you faild in winning her, that is OK since that's a joke! 
I didn't like his lyrics and CKB before, but, well, I think I started to understand the fun of this kind of lyrics. Yes, it is a "fun," rather than "fineness." I think a "fun" is enough to bring a man and a woman together. 

(Excuse me but, who are your?)
Oh, I am Somemi Narita, a chief of Shinjuku Matching Center of Tokyo Cabin. 

(Did you change your character setting?)

まとめ Wrapping-up



Oh, because the song by Ken-sama was so sweet, I've totally forgotten about Kenichi Endo and Mr. M. 

I believe that's just life.It isn't even funny
All may past should fly away with hot spring steam

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