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世界初のネコ駅長たまとその後継猫たち World's first Cat Stationmaster "Tama" and his successors



Five years have passed from the death of the world-first Cat Stationmaster "Tama." Now take a look at his successor cats...   

世界初のネコ駅長を務めた「たま」World- first Cat Stationmaster "Tama" 

三毛猫の「たま駅長」社葬 3000人が別れ惜しむ(15/06/29) - YouTube

三毛猫の「たま駅長」社葬 3000人が別れ惜しむ(15/06/29)
31,337 回視聴•2015/06/29
ANNnewsCH チャンネル登録者数 152万人

和歌山電鉄で人気を集めた三毛猫の「たま駅長」が死んだことを受け、社葬が営まれました。 和歌山電鉄の社葬は、たま駅長が勤務していた貴志駅で営まれ、和歌山県の仁坂知事や全国のファンら約3000人が参列しました。

Tama, a calico cat, was the stationmaster of Kishi Station on the Kishigawa Line in Wakayama Prefecture. When he passed away, WAKAYAMA ELECTRIC RAILWAY conducted a funeral ceremony at the station, gathering 3,000 participants including the governor the prefecture.


Tama used to be a stray cat stayed on in the station building, but became a great stationmaster with dignity. You can see how he looked at the following link. 

威厳あるたま駅長、在りし日の姿 Greate Stationmaster Tama 

たま駅長の証明。 Proof Of The Cat Station Master - YouTube

たま駅長の証明。 Proof Of The Cat Station Master
111,012 回視聴•2013/02/11
We Love Tama Channel(AQUARIUS787) チャンネル登録者数 732人


Tama as executive officer in his last years. Cute but tough in his naivy cloak with white collar. In a dignified manner, he keeps still, watching carefully passengers in the station building. Look at his cool back shot at 1:49. No wonder he is the first! 

”たま”の後継者”二タマ”だが…"Nitama" takes over the position from Tama

たま駅長後任に「ニタマ」 和歌山・貴志駅 - YouTube

たま駅長後任に「ニタマ」 和歌山・貴志駅
68,038 回視聴•2015/08/11
チャンネル登録者数 17.3万人

たま駅長存命時からすでに実務を引き継いでいた「二タマ」ですが…、ちょっと初代に比べると、正直言いましょう、平凡、なんですよ。たま駅長の様な神々しさはなく、やはり ”たまに似た”ネコであり、たまではない。いや、二タマには二タマの良さがあるんでしょうが…。どうしても「たま」を思い出してしまう。そこがかえって辛いわあ。やはりカリスマのあとってのは不利ですね。

"Nitama" assumed the second Kishi Station Master after Tama. She is, let me be honest, somewhat ... "ordinary" compared to Tama, a cat of signity. Nitama means "Ni-teiru Tama," a cat looks like Tama, but is NOT Tama the cat! I know Nitama has her own uniqness, but, she just reminds me Tama. That is so painful for me. It is so challenging to take over a charisma.

福島のネコ駅長「ばす」も旅路に出た Another Station Cat "Basu" at Asinomaki Hot Spring Station

ネコ駅長「ばす」に最後の別れ 福島・会津鉄道が社葬 - YouTube

ネコ駅長「ばす」に最後の別れ 福島・会津鉄道が社葬
10,799 回視聴•2016/05/01
KyodoNews チャンネル登録者数 17.3万人


Besides famous Stationmaster Tama in Wakayama Prefecture, there was another cat stationmaster in Fukushima Prefecture.

 ”ばす”を引き継いだ”らぶ”駅長 "Labu" assums chair of"Basu"

ネコ駅長に「らぶ」就任 会津鉄道 2代目に - YouTube

ネコ駅長に「らぶ」就任 会津鉄道 2代目に
25,514 回視聴•2015/12/24
チャンネル登録者数 17.3万人


I can find some talent as an idol cat in "Labu," while its predecessor "Basu" looks a little plain.  

駅長見習い”さくら”は「にゃん旅鉄道」チャンネルで活躍 Apprentice tationnmaster "Sakura" in "Nyan Travel Railway" Channel 

Vol.57「にゃん旅鉄道」さくらと桜のコラボにゃ!【らぶ駅長】【ねこ駅長】【見習い さくら】【会津鉄道・芦ノ牧温泉駅】 - YouTube

Vol.57「にゃん旅鉄道」さくらと桜のコラボにゃ!【らぶ駅長】【ねこ駅長】【見習い さくら】【会津鉄道・芦ノ牧温泉駅】
2,262 回視聴•2020/05/26
中テレ公式チャンネル チャンネル登録者数 1.54万人


"Sakura" is scheduled to follow "Labu." Does a staionmaster tends to be selected on looks? That's reasonable I think, but its responsibility for the passenger gathering to the station is not light like a cat toy.

まとめ Wrapping-up



I have a memory of Stationmaster Tama. To tell the truth, I firstly laughed at the cat. I thought it was just a foolish attraction. However, several years ago, when I received a certain bad notice at hospital, I suddenly couldn't stand, felt weakened and slump on the sofa. In such a situation, you cannot read newspapers. The world suddenly got away from me, except for "The Photobook of Stationmaster Tama." In panic, I found it on the book shelf in the hospital. I just gazed at his pretty daring face, which was the only access to this world for me (at least at that time). Then, I started to calm down gradually thanks to the book. 
"Salute the Stationmaster Tama!" (in the way of Nenji Kobayashi in "Poppo-ya")    

*Later, my fears turned out to be groudless. 

映画『 鉄道員』"Poppo-ya" Cast: Ken Takakura, Nenji Kobayashi, etc.

鉄道員(ぽっぽや) 発売【告知】 - YouTube

鉄道員(ぽっぽや) 発売【告知】
71,611 回視聴•2015/04/01
東映ビデオ チャンネル登録者数 10.6万人


猫耳より情報 Cat-ear information

今、最も期待されるネコ漫画「ニャタロウ」The most you-must-read cat manga! "Nyataro" by opio

突如出現したネコ型にゃスカの地上絵のにゃぞを解くべくコロナの危険を冒してペルーへ飛ぶ考古学者「ニャタロウ」の活躍や如何に?! 『ニャタロウのにゃんだか微妙な冒険』は『チェンソーマン』ともに、現在アニメ化を憶測されているらしい。

In order to solve the mystery of Nyazka Cat Lines appeared suddenly,  adventurer-
archaeologist Dr. Nyataro flies to Peru less concerned about COVID-19 danger...!
There is speculation that"Pawful Adventures of Nyataro" will be made into anime, beside"Chainsaw Man."