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【仮面ライダークウガ】東映特撮が今無料公開中。オダギリジョー「青空になる」/Kamen Rider Kuuga Now Free at Toei Tokusatsu


You can enjoy "Kamen Rider Kuuga" at "Toei Tokusatsu Channel" on YoutTube for free. The picture quality is outstanding since it was shoot in high vision. Honestly to say, this article is focusing on Joe Odagiri who played Yusuke Godai.   


This is the first high-vision shooting in the long-lasting Kamen Rider series. I've just started to watch the program because the hero was played by Joe Odagiri and then found it unusual, challenging TV drama.   

【クウガ】は子供番組であり、ドラマである。Kuuga, a human drama


「検証」~ドキュメント・オブ・クウガ~ プロモーション映像
"Verification" Document Of Kuuga   
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東映ビデオ チャンネル登録者数 10.5万人
2016年3月9日(水)発売「仮面ライダークウガ Blu-ray BOX 2」のボーナスディスク「検証」~ドキュメント・オブ・クウガ~」のプロモーション映像です。


"Kamen Rider Kuuga" was a unique hero drama, which run in 2000 for the first time after a 10 year suspension of the Kamen Rider series.

  • シリーズ初のハイビジョン撮影 The series-first high-vision shooting 
  • 容赦ない殺人  Brute murders
  • 問いかける闘いの意味   Quetion on the meaning of fighting
  • ヒーローの在り方や子供番組の認識を根底から覆し  Overturned the basis of traditional heroes and children shows
  • 日本のドラマ史にその名を刻んだ  Assumed its place in the history of Japanese dramas

10年ぶりって、クウガの前ってなんだったの?  Who was the last predecessor of Kuuga?

って、ふとおもって、年表で観たら1988年(昭和63年)の『仮面ライダーBLACK RX 』でした。『BLACK RX 』って名前からして、なんか出尽くした感が無いでもない気がします。『BLACK』の続編が『RX』なんですね…。いまだったら…やっぱ『仮面ライダーDX』で、「デジタルトランスフォーメーションで変身だ!」(特別出演:河野太郎大臣)。
According to the  "Timeline of Kamen Riders," it was "Kamen Rider BLACK RX" released in 1988. "RX" sounds the very end. "BLACK RX" was the following story of "BLACK." If it were today, it must be "Kamen Rider DX" who transforms with digital transformation, supported by Ministor Taro Kono. 

Since Emperor Hirohito (The Showa Emperor) passed away in 1984, RX was the last rider in the Showa Era. 

Kamen Rider Timeline in Kamen Rider official WEB by Toei 

最後の昭和ライダー!仮面ライダーBLACK&RX 南光太郎の変身 Transformation of Kohtaro Minami, Kamen Rider BLACK&RX, last Showa rider


#仮面ライダーBLACK #仮面ライダーBLACKRX #南光太郎
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Wow! He looks full of energy in maker-uniform-like jacket that is very Showa-style. Actually he is not a manufacturer employee but a junior at university.  

リキミがない…それが「へいせい」ライダー Rilaxed...Heisei Riders


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In comparison to ones in Showa, Heisei riders are slim, "hoso-macho (slim but muscular)." In particular, Joe Odagiri is most skinny of all. No wonder, since he is an cool actor for "時効警察" and "大川端探偵社"! 
Oh, I need to stop talk on Joe Odagiri but go back to "Kuuga"! 

オダギリジョーの演じる主人公  Hero played by Joe Odagiri

The hero played by Joe Odagiri is "gentle" in the Heisei style, breaking away from "dark past"- haunted traditional riders in the Showa era. 
For details, please refer to the following link.  


Come on, neither do I know details. I am a person who started to have a little interest in Kuuga only because it is played by Joe Odagiri. If your have any questions, contact "仮面製造" people, who are working for The Guardian Project.  

ただ、まあ dic.pixiv.net を読んだ感想としては…下記のセリフに「ゆとり世代」の伸びやかさを感じます。 

Well, according to the discription of pixiv, Yusuke Godai seems to be a free, easy boy in so-called the "Yutori Generation" in Japan. 


"I must do it because I am Kuuga!"


"The rain must stop and we can see a blue sky. Even now, there is a  blue sky goes on forever above the rainy cloud"


The ending song reflecting the personality of Yusuke Godai is as follow:

終わりの歌「青空になる」は名曲  ED "I'll be the Blue Sky"


Kuuga NCED 青空になる
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多趣味人の屋根裏収納  チャンネル登録者数 49人

この歌詞、実にいい~! These area fascinating lyrics!

「青空になる」歌詞  Lyrics of  "I'll be the Blue Sky"

 作詞 藤林聖子   Written by Shoko Fujibayashi


Placing the heavy baggage beneath my  head as a pillow
Take deep breaths and I'll be the blue sky


目をあけても つぶっても
With your eyes opened or closed
the same clouds would go by but
you cannot find it if not watching now

I'll take you to the place 

to the future with no sadness

carrying your smiles in my pocket
I'll be the blue sky

I'll take you to the place 

to the future with no fighting


Leaving memory with you in the album

I'll be, I'll be the blue sky


This would make you cry.


This song relays a massage of hope by using easy words even kindergarten children can understand. However, it is never childish. I want to listen to a boy chorus version of this  like Libera. 


I'll take you to the place 
to the future with no sadness

これ、とくに今考えちゃうよ。香港の子供たちのこと思うとね…。(ほぼ2時間おきくらいに考えている。)This  part is so rich in meaning. I think of children in Hong Kong ... (I think about HK in every two hours) 

「青空になる」というイメージとしては、 石川啄木を思い出します。

The image "become the blue sky" reminds me famous waka poet Takuboku Ishikawa

 不来方(こずかた)のお城の草に寝転びて 空に吸はれし十五の心
Lying on the grass in the old castle in Kozukata (Aomori Prefecture)
My fifteen-year old spirit was absorbed by the sky  


Now, this is a surporise test on the person who wrote such fantastic lyrics.

「青空になる」の作詞家、藤林聖子のポイント(抜き打ちテスト形式) Three questions on Shoko Fujibayashi 

    1. 三重野瞳(読み方を記せ)の「Wonderful Bravo!」でデビュー She made a debut by "Wonderful Bravo" sung by who?
    2. J-POPの他、『ONE PIECE』『スーパー戦隊シリーズ』『仮面ライダーシリーズ』などアニメや特撮作品の主題歌・挿入歌も多数手がけ、アニメソングでは、作曲家の○○公平と組んだ作品が多い。 Other than J-Pops, she wrote lots of lyrics for animation and tokusatus works such as "ONE PIECE" "Super Sentai Series" and "Kamen Rider Series." For animation songs, she mostly worked with composer who? 
    3. 時代を先取りする歌詞を書くことから、ファンから「○○○」と呼ばれることもある。  Because she can write lyrics with sense ahead of time, she is called What?  

    出典:藤林聖子 - Wikipedia

答 Answers

  1. みえのひとみ  Hitomi Mieno 
  2. 田中    Kohhei Tanaka
  3. 預言者     prophet

 どうですか? いや、結果は全然気にする必要ないですよ。(←言わんでもいい)
How many questions did you answer correctly. Noooo, you need not care about the score at all.  
Shoko "prophet" Fujibayashi wrte a slew of tokusatsu songs!

実はいま、クウガ全話が高画質で観れます! Now All Kuuga Episodes For Free!


仮面ライダークウガ 第01話[公式]
482,013 回視聴•2020/09/12に公開済み
東映特撮YouTube Official チャンネル登録者数 118万人

In the Episode 1, Joe Odagiri suddenly starts juggling balls! The story seems to be fun!

まとめ Wrap-up

不来方の静かの海に寝転びて 地球に吸はれし十五の心 


Lying on the sand in the Sea of Tranquility
My fifteen-year old spirit was absorbed by the earth
by author aliens