チェリストSéverinインタビュー 「イップ・マン」スイスの自然に抱かれて/ Interview with Séverin, Musician YouTuber in Switzerland



This is an interview with Séverin-san who kindly let me use his breathtaking cello sounds for my "Ip Man"  Japanese song!

大自然の中で「イップ・マン」をチェロで / "Ip Man" in Swiss Nature

「イップ・マンのテーマ」(川井憲次) by Séverin


Ip Man 葉問 詠春 Theme Song 主題曲 (Cello Cover) - Séverin Official
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このロケーション…印象派ですか?? 超おすすめMV!!


I am most grateful for your help for Ip Man project.
Not only the beautiful deep sound of your strings, but I’m impressed with your cool editing arrangement. Moreover, you are playing in the fantastic environment of Switzerland! Could you give us your episode for this epic Ip Man music video?

まずは連絡をくれて、僕の音楽をシェアしてくれてありがとう。僕の音楽とカバー演奏で愛と喜びをみんなと分かち合いたいと思ってる。ぼくは夢を追う人たちを応援したいんだ。とにかく。 #keephustling(#やってやろうぜ)、ってのがモットーなんだ。

First of all, thank you very much for getting in touch with me and sharing my music. It is always a big deal to me because with my music and covers I want to share love and joy - I want people to pursue their dreams. That’s why my motto is called #keephustling.
In the Ip Man Main Theme arrangement I was looking for a simple sound for cello - that’s why you almost only hear strings with just a bit of percussion. I really love the Ip Man movies but especially the film music. Deep emotional music like that just touches my heart and makes me want to play it myself. For the locations in the music video I wanted to use big environments so that the massive and wide sound would fit the visuals. Additionally you get to see a bit of Switzerland.

影響される音楽のスタイルは様々 / Various Inspiration Sources

"Who Is It" (マイケル・ジャクソン) by Séverin


Michael Jackson - "Who Is It" (Cello Cover) - Séverin Official
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マイケル・ジャクソンのカバーはたくさん発表されてますよね。お父様の思い出の動画に合わせた「On The Daylight of Nature」も感動的です。チェロ演奏はどのように取り組んでるの?
On the other hand, your Michel Jackson covers are charmingly wild.
In Memory of my Father - "On The Daylight of Nature" is so touching.
Could you share your approach for cello performance?

Thank you very much for your kind words. I think my performances in the Michael Jackson arrangements are the most genuine ones - you get to see me there as a very emotional musician and somewhat me being in another state of being. I started listening to Michael very early and he definitely has a big influence on my music (as you probably can tell). His music touches me in a way no other does.

"On The Daylight of Nature" (マックス・リヒター) by Séverin


In Memory of my Father - "On The Daylight of Nature" - Max Richter (Cello Cover) - Séverin Official 243 回視聴•2019/11/28
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「On The Daylight of Nature」はとても早く録れた。もともとチェロ曲だし(注:実際はバイオリン)魂にズドンと来たね。映画で聴いたんだけど、鳥肌たっちゃってさ。そのままビデオ止めてチェロで弾いて録音したんだ。
On The Daylight of Nature was done really fast because the original track is also played by cellos so it went straight through my soul. I’ve heard it in a movie (I can’t remember its name) and it gave me goosebumps straight away. I even paused the movie to just play it on my cello and record it. 



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Originally I used this cover to honor the dog Zeus of Roman Atwood - I had been watching his vlogs for quite a long time and really got to like his family. So when the dog passed I dedicated it to Zeus.
A few years later my Dad passed (last year) and I thought it would also be a nice track make a video along with some pictures of him and me to honor him. It was quite emotional to put the video together.

人気者ゼウス君の死 (ローマン・アトウッド・チャンネル)


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"Keep Up Your Hope" 作詞・作曲・歌 by Séverin


Keep Up Your Hope (Lyrics) - Séverin Official
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However, cello seems to be only a part of your expansive musical career. You are an impressive music composer and songwriter as well. The range of themes is expansive, from social problems to human relationship. What is your inspiration?


Thanks a lot again for your nice feedback. One of my main inspirations is definitely Michael Jackson. His diversity of styles of music, voice and much more as well as his perfectionism, mindset and genuineness are a big inspiration. But not only Michael Jackson is an inspiration - for example classical artists like Beethoven, Tschaikowsky as well as artists in the Hip Hop genre like Eminem are big parts of my life. I listen to all kinds of music. I’m open to everything which I think as an artist is really important. But mainly I’m not afraid of failure - I try everything. Go on my YouTube Channel and you’ll find lots of videos where I didn’t succeed. But if I had not tried I wouldn’t know what works with my voice and cello or music in general. I try everything and I’m not afraid to „fail“ (for me they’re not failures, merely lessons).



Ludovico Einaudi Nightbook cover- Amazing piano and cello cover by Harrison and Severin Official
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言葉を運ぶヴォーカルという”楽器” / Vocal Can Deliver Words

  "Go F*** Yourself"(トゥー・フィート) をヴォーカルでも


Two Feet - "Go F*** Yourself" (Vocal/Cello Cover) - by Séverin Official
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You have been focusing on singing songs for these three years. They are full of vitality. Could you share your approach for vocal performance?


Well, again, Michael inspired me to start singing. I’ve always wanted to sing because I think a voice can provide a deeper level of emotions than a cello since you are able to deliver words also. I’m not saying that by playing the cello you are not able to touch one’s feelings - it’s the exact opposite - but with singing you are able to deliver a clear message. The reason I started singing was exactly that I’m also able to deliver a clear message but also that I’ve always liked singing. I started doing vocal exercises to build my vocal chords as well as performing (I’ve never been nervous before but the first vocal performance was a big game changer for me).

ゲームも映画も冒険が大好き / Adventures in Stories

 「ゲーム・オブ・スローンのメインテーマ」by Séverin


Game of Thrones: Official Opening Credits (Main Theme) - Cello Cover by Séverin Official
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 What is the best video game and movie for you?


好きな映画は難しいな。映画もテレビ番組もなんでも好きなんだよね。映画をたくさんみる理由は映画音楽がいいから。映画からいろんなことを分析して勉強になるよ。気に入った作品は、映画なら『パイレーツ・オブ・カリビアン』、『ロード・オブ・ザ・リング』、『ハリーポッター』、ドラマだと『SUITS/スーツ』、『ラスト・キングダム』、『ウォーキング・デッド』『ヴァイキング 〜海の覇者たち〜』とか他にもいっぱいあるよ。実は演劇にも興味があって、映画を観るのもそのせいなんだ。いろんな演技や感情の伝え方がまなべるから。
I don’t play video games anymore because I don’t have time to do things like that. I work around 50-60 hours a week (different jobs I love) and when I’m not at work I either do sports or work on my music. When I was younger though I used to play Fifa and when Fortnite became popular I played that with my friends around the world. So the main reason to play was actually not the game itself but to talk to all the friends I have around the world. I’m not gonna lie, playing games all day would be nice but there are much nicer things to do in my opinion - for example going to work, sports and making music of course. My favorite video game of the two I’ve played before would be Fortnite though.
As for the movies: that’s a difficult question because I love all kinds of movies as well as TV Shows. The reason I watch lots of movies is because of the film music. Through watching and analyzing I’ve learned so much about it. A few of my favorite movies and TV Shows are Pirates of Caribbeans, Lord of The Rings, Harry Potter, Suits, The Last Kingdom, The Walking Dead, Vikings and many many more. I’m also quite interested in acting - that’s why I also like watching movies - to study the different styles of acting and how to deliver certain emotions.

まとめ / Wrap-up


Séverin is challenging many ways in creation with his limitless curiosity. Because  doing many things by himself, he is also encouraging other people (like me) who are trying to do something with his open-mildness. For him, cello seems to be only the entry of his long pursuance, or the adventure of art!

 "Heathens" (トゥエンティ・ワン・パイロッツ) by Séverin


"Heathens" - Twenty Øne Piløts (Cello Cover) - Séverin Official
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