*Shibarinashi WiFi (Softbank) Is Super Fast!--Featuring Takayuki Yamada



What follows is a story of how we met and parted, and met again. Takayuki Yamada (pseudonym) plays, who has a small patch of territory in an electronics retail store in Shinjuku, plays the key role of the story. Assuming the case to make it a TV drama, staring Takayuki Yamada of course, I selected a theme song for it. I hope this will help you understand what the story like.

Fading Echo -Tavito Nanao

2012/01/19  Published

If you leave here and
forget our melody ♪

Oh my...is it OK to use such a wonderful song for the drama based on MY experience? Come on, it is just a figment of my imagination. In honest, this is a really good song, which makes me somewhat crazy. What a killer!! (Nanao Tavito is actually a very unique musician according to my research. I will make an article featuring him.) Mind you, Takayuki Yamada (pseudonym) is not dangerous at all.




Start with Conclusion

I’ve just cancel the contract with WirelessGate Wi-Fi+WiMAX 2+ au 3-year smartphone discount (4,730 yen/month, data limitless) and UQ Mobile Data superfast plan (980 yen/month, data 3 GB/month). I paid penalty of 20,500 yen to WiMAX.

My new life sololy with Shibarinasi WiFi (3,300 yen/month, data limitless. 2,800 yen from 13th month. No penalty) starts tomorrow.


Choose WiMax2+ Moved by Takayuki Yamada (pseudonym)’s Perrier!

It all began in last October with Smart News (Smanyu). Since my articles were picked up by the smartphone-specialized media in a row, I got all smug and thought that “I really keep checking YouTube to deliver good news!” In reality, Smanyu left me precisely three month later and never came back. I latIer I discovered that this happens often. (For details, see “Sumany wandering sales theory” here.)

I used to, I mean until today, I have been using UQ Mobile Data superfast plan (980 yen/month, data 3 GB/month), but the data volume available is so small to watch music videos at lunch time. The additional data charge is 500 MB / 500 yen, which means you have to pay 1,000 yen for 1 GB. That’s ridiculously expensive! So I decided to go to a electronics retail store in Shinjuku to get a pocket WiFi. There was a salesman who looks like Takayuki Yamada in front of UQ Mobile signboards in the first floor. So I call him Takayuki Yamada (pseudonym) here. After listening my problem, he said “There is no choice for you but WirelessGate Wi-Fi+WiMAX 2+ au 3-year smartphone discount (4,730 yen/month, data limitless) !!” Then, since I was tired, drank a bottle of Perrier served by him, and he looks like Takayuki Yamada, I made a 3-year contract with his company.  

This summer watch out for “scoundrel” Takayuki Yamada! (Right, in case it helps)

ミュージカル ペテン師と詐欺師

at Shinbashi Enbujho; September 1 (Sun) to 26 (Thu) 2019

Let me just tell you but I am not a fan of Takayuki Yamada, an actor. He just somewhat looks like my brother, so I feel a kind of affinity to him. In a word, Takayuki Yamada (pseudonym) made me feel that I was talking with my relative. You can call me fool. If he looks like Taki Peer, I didn’t feel that way and I might not have make a contract. If he is close to Takkyu Ishino, that’s a little tricky. Now, I’ll finish this “if” story.


Five months with WiMAX2+ That Doesn't Work At All

As a result, I took a bright red pocket WiFi, Speed Wi-Fi NEXT WX05 for free home with joy. Oh, my … that’s very hard to continue the story from here. Honestly to say, our life together was not successful. My YouTube life with Takayuki Yamada (pseudonym)’s WirelessGate Wi-Fi+WiMAX 2+ au 3-year smartphone discount (4,730 yen/month, data limitless) was failure. It was “full of desperation” actually because I could watch only 30% of videos in the Toei subway premises and the replay speed was slow even for the available portion. Moreover, I am working in an office in a high-rise building and could not sufficiently link to YouTube at lunchtime with the device. Precisely, although I could manage to connect the channel, the downloading takes hours, which made me frustrated. (Now I remember the uneasy face when Takayuki Yamada (pseudonym) heard about my office location.) “Is the life with WiMAX2+ I desperately wanted?” I thought.

Due in part to my relationship with Takayuki Yamada (pseudonym), I tried to learn how to fall in love with WiMAX2+, but “I was failed to fall in love♪

Inochi-bakkari (Just Life) / Nuyuri (covered by Eve)
E ve
2017/10/01  Published

I am a real woman, not a sitting duck for Takayuki Yamada (pseudonym), so I won’t speak ill of Takayuki Yamada (pseudonym), though criticizing WiMAX2+. I even appreciate him because he kindly offered me “10,000 yen coupon if you make a contract now!” (I believe that he gets monthly commision from my payment of 4,730 yen to WiMAX2+.) Thanks to the coupon, I was able to buy AKG N20 NC, which costs 16,000 yen, the high-end earphones I had never tried in my life. My statement apparently sound like what victim girls of marriage fraud all say, “No, he needs to leave me to protect OUR LOVE. No, I was not abandoned by him after payment…” Never mind, however. I am really happy with my encounter with AKG N20 NC. So this will be fine.

Instant heaven with “Shibarinashi WiFi”?!

In reality, I reached the end of my tolerance fifth month after. Coincidentally, I happened to meet Shibarinasi WiFi (3,300 yen/month, data limitless. 2,800 yen from 13th month. No penalty) on the internet. I have a profound sense of destiny (unmei) with this straight naming of “Shibarinashi,” no term commitment. No, “Unmei-yori, Mirai-yori, Ashita-yori, Ima-nanda, UMAI” (More than Destiny, more than Future, more than tomorrow, Now is important, UMAI). (Official theme song of Umaibo). I have something against Takayuki Yamada (pseudonym) because he said “You should ABSOLUTELY choose 3-year commitment! (A flashback scene with TV drama theme song “Fading Echo” in the background. ) (Sorry, I’m speaking ill of him.) I really hate this malicious commitment system, which is common in Japanese communication industry. Why do I have to pay penalty when WE break off? If a customer does not leave from a certain service because they are afraid of paying penalty, the relationship is a unhealthy, unhappy one. Do they really believe that they can maintain customer loyalty or confidence with such a system? That’s sound like a miukekin, money to buy the freedom of a geisha from her employer. What a nonsense system!

Then , Shibarinasi WiFi (3,300 yen/month, data limitless. 2,800 yen from 13th month. No penalty) said, “If you’ve got sick of me, I’ll just get out of your place. So why’d don’t you try me? I will cost only 2,800 yen a year after, by the way.” I said “OK” and ordered it on the web. On the very next day, a plain yumaile light parcel was delivered to me with a thump. Just a device (and its cord) without any message with it.


Hey, do they even have an mid to add a thank you note to it? The device is now hottest brand “HWAEI.” I...feel depressed a bit.



its communication speed is REALLY FAST!! It keeps running on and on and on in the Eidan subway (around Nihonbashi), the Toei subway (around the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in Shinjuku) and even in a lofty building!!

According to the speed meter, it runs at 35.6 Mbps in the Toei subway to Shinjuku. Generally, 10 Mbps is enough for watching videos. No wonder it has no break, a few seconds DL and perfectly clear image quality!

On the other hand, Shibarinasi WiFi (3,300 yen/month, data limitless. 2,800 yen from 13th month. No penalty) run at 4 Mbps on the subway of Shinjuku and only 1 Mbps during lunch time at the office in the building. That’s awful. I checked that, however, this is not a special case for au network.


Result: Overwhelming victory of Shibarinashi Wifi (softbank) !!

Great points of Shibarinashi Wifi!

Its LTE method via the softbank network is super fast!
at least in Shinjuku and Nihonbashi areas. You can enjoy YouTube without a break on the subway. This is actually faster than WiMAX2+ AND UQ high-speed mode (LTE). No problem in the underground and high-rise building.

Reasonable monthly fee without penalty!

Shibarinasi WiFi (3,300 yen/month, data limitless. 2,800 yen from 13th month. No penalty nor cancellation fee. Huh?


 Any traps with Shibarinashi WiFi?

You cannot select your WiFi device...
However, you can choose the network, au or softbank if you email your request. (In my case, I hoped to get a device for au, but it was too late to tell them. As a result, I got one for the softbank network, which was lucky for me.)

39,800 yen charge when you break the device

You need to pay 39,800 yen in the case you lost or broke the device. If you worry about it, you can join its support plan for 500 yen/month when you make a contract. (I didn’t join the plan since I always keep the device in the deep pocket of my bag. If it broke with age, etc., I mean, without your fault, it will be exchanged with another one, they answered via mail!)

See below for details You can cancel if you don’t like it after a month. Even I’ll make a clean switch when I find a better service.


Bonus Track

As I told you first, since I cancelled my sim contract, currently my ASUS smartphone can link to the internet only through WiFi. (As for calls, I just pay 1,000 yen for my au feature phone.) So I alway have to be with the little “Shibarinashi WiFi” kun! I’ll make an additional note when I found something.


Ultra Conclusion: No Restriction To Be Happy


Thank you for your reading.