My Darling Ultimate Iron Frying Pan! and the inconvenient truth of Teflon pan


Today, let me tell you why I decided to break with Teflon frying pan and get together with an iron frying pan forever.

This article is an answer to this awesome article below.

<What is “Pan” (bread in Japanese) You Can't eEat?> www.opio8.com

Well, in my case, I should have said "What is pan that is very hard?" Then, what am I writing about? I'll give you the pont first. Yesterday, I wrote about frying pans yesterday in the form of chatting, but today I'll...



Teflon Is So Easy To Use 

In April, more and more people will buy their cooking tools, starting to live alone, relocating, etc. Everyone need a frying pan when they cook. In the case, Teflon frying pan must be the first choice since it’s so convenient!

No oil needed

The strongest point of Teflon pan is that you can perfectly cook anything without oil. No oil means you cut on calories. A large spoon-full of oil is about 110 kcal, so if you cook by Teflon pan twice a day, you can reduce 330 kcal without effort...

Non-stick surface

With the super slippery pan, it is very easy to cook omelet or fried dumplings (gyoza). Mr.Teflon is very good at baking hotcakes too. That’s cool. 

Easy to clean

After using the pan, you just wash it with water and wipe it with a paper towel. A Teflon pan does not get so dirty as it doesn’t need oil. Fuss-free! Maybe eco-friendly?

Weak Points of Teflon?

Can you find weak points in such a super-easy Teflon pan…? Yes, there are some. OK, let’s check them out one by one together.

Don’t heat it with nothing on it. Never use high heat!

As most Teflon pan users would already know, as a principal, you set food materials first on it before putting it over gentle heat. You may feel like to directly put it on to a fire like an ordinary frying pan, but don’t do that. (I confess I did.)

You may be in a mood of “Super strong fire!” especially when you are making some fried rice. NEVER. (I DID).

FYI, a mood of “Super strong fire!” represents a mood of KANA-BOON’s “Naimononedari (Ask for the moon).”


This Chinese restaurant serves a bunch of banana, not Bananaman...

KANA-BOON / ないものねだり - YouTube
2013/04/13  Publsihed

If you ask for what one can't have, whether you choose a Teflon or iron pan, you can’t be content forever… That’s a case of “The roasted fatty pork fillet on the noodle for the other man is always bigger than yours.”

If you think why not???, read the next paragraph.

Teflon is hazardous

OK, I will give you a rough explanation. Teflon is a brand of DuPont, the largest chemical company in the U.S. It is a material called “fluorine resin,” which has unique features. The most remarkable characteristic of the substance is the ultra-low coefficient of friction. I mean, it is so slippery that never stick to other matters. 
What’s wrong with the Teflon? When manufacturing a Teflon pan, they use PFOA (perfluorooctanoate), which is referred to as carcinogens.
Furthermore, a teflon frying pan emits poisonous gas when heated to 680F.
For details, please refer below.

Magic never lasts long

Teflon on the pan comes off so easily. I used to use T-fal pan with a removable handle for many years. Partly because I am a strong-fire-lover, Teflon did not last more than two years, so I had to got a new one periodically.
There are other reasons for the fast depletion of Teflon other than high heat. One of them is the structure of Teflon-coating, which has minute holes called pinholes. Water enters them, leading to deterioration of the coated surface.

<Weakness of fluororesin coating? Be careful to “pinholes”?>  NITTO KINZOKU KOGYO Co.,Ltd.

So, don’t boil spaghetti or fry tempura with a Teflon pan. Water and oil in those pinholes damage Teflon. Yes I did these acts too and that’s why my T-fal do not last more than a couple of years.
On top of that, you are not allowed to use an ordinary metal flipper or bamboo chopsticks on a Teflon pan. You should use a flipper made from silicon and other soft material specialized for Teflon.

High Heat, Never!

Noooo! I cannot cook without high fire because I am a self-proclaimed Rosanjin, a Japanese legendary culinarian, at a cabin in Tokyo. Now I know that I am not a Teflon person.

You can never cook “Rosanjin-style Sukiyaki”!!

<Rosanjin-style Sukiyaki--Summary of gastronomical feast for KITAOHJI Rosanjin> NAVER 


Nevertheless, I bought T-fal six times (for more than 10 years). I must have intook tonnes of PFOA (perfluorooctanoate). That’s so awful, though I’m still alive.

Non oil does not mean healthy food

I believe that “low carbs + exercise” is the strongest method for body making and pursue the concept. I am, at least, trying. According to this theory, your over carbs make you fat, and good oil can burn your fat. If you’re not familiar with low-carbs diet, see the follow.

<Calorie restriction is very dangerous! Applicaton of carbo restriction; What is right low-carbo?>

I read the book by Dr. Satoru Yamada, the writer of this column, and it totally blew my mind.

糖質制限の真実 日本人を救う革命的食事法ロカボのすべ て (幻冬舎新書)

Truth of Carbohydrate Restriction; Everything of revolutionary diet “low carb” that can save Japanese (Gentosha Shinsho)

What was my years of endurance for meat and fat & oil? The book is full of “the latest medical commons sense” clarified in an easily understood manner.

Conclusion 1: Teflon Pan Costs High

It is convenient to use a non-stick Teflon pan which does not need oil. Given that it cannot be put on high heat and the coat will come off in a few years, however, the cost performance is low.

Strength of an Iron Frying Pan? 

Iron is the most orthodox material for a frying pan. As you’ll understand by the word “the Iron Age” Hittite in 15th century BC, Iron boasts a long history. Simply to say, that’s tradition and legend.

In my personal memory, frying pan represent iron and “Frying Pan Jiisan (Grandfather).”

ふらいぱんじいさん (日本の創作幼年童話 5)

“Frying Pan Jiisan” (Nihon no Sosaku Yonen Dowa 5)

Iron cookware used to be essential for Japanese food life. An iron “gohan-gama” for cooking rice, a “tetsu-nabe”, iron pan, for sukiyaki, etc. and a “tetsubin” for tea serving. While you can look these items in historical museums, they are still used in today’s life. Why did our ancestors depend on iron cookware?

Iron cookware absorbs extra meat fats. When frying vegetable, it evaporate extra water. You can fry rice perfectly and bake pan cake softly.

鉄のフライパンは、大切に使えば軽く100年以上は使える | ハフポスト

<You can use an iron frying pan more than 100 years if you use it with care.> HUFFPOST

 Wow! Iron cookware has such a deep, rich history!
Iron has have good thermal conductivity and retains heat well. That means, once you heat an iron pan, it remains hot for a long time. >>Perfect for grilling steaks as the temperature of the pan does not fall when you put meat. Great for rice cooking thanks to the high heat conductivity.

The burnt surface of an iron pan can be fixed just by scrubbing. >> This is so nice. Simple enough to attract your minimalism mindset!
As much as you use, the surface of the pun is coated with oil, gleaming black. After a few years, it become non-stick almost as Teflon pan. >> That’s nearly true.
You can intake iron accordingly. >> Intaking too much iron is bad for your health of course, but most people are actually lack of iron. I strongly recommend using an iron pan especially to women who are suffering from anemia.

<Your fatigue might be from anemia? Learn the power of iron and dietary fiber>  www.bodybook.jp

Weak Points for Iron Pan and How to Care

Then why Teflon pan is so popular? That’s because, as for an iron pan, you use oil, gets dirty, old and black, so it doesn’t go well with my beautiful stylish kitchen… Are you serious?

No wonder you have been using a number of Teflon pans. As a Teflon pan costs more than 3,000 yen, you spent 18,000 yen for the six replacements. That's a waste of resources and money, right? Non-eco-friendly as tall! And, how much did you intake PFOA (perfluorooctanoate) and toxic gas? Then, how about dishes other than pancakes? Not very nice, ha? I believe you can lose weight by doing Kyle Hanagami dance every morning while you have some good-quality oil, rather than non-oil diet, can’t you?
(These are all words to myself in the past.)

Some would say that it must be troublesome to take care of a iron pan. The answer is yes and no.
First of all, when you buy a new iron pan, you have to burn it until it gets blue. Refer to the video.

How to grow your iron pan” Burning a new pun and putting oil

「鉄フライパンの育て方」新品購入後の焼き込み(空焼き)&油ならしの方法 - YouTube

Second, always add some oil first on it before heating. After usinging, wash it with water without detergent, evaporate water with heat and grease lightly. That's all.

This is really troublesome!! I thought like you before, but not so bad when I got used to it. Meanwhile, my frying pan “has grew” and got non-sticky, non-easy-to-rusty gradually. After a year, it is now a “low-maintenance boy”...
Did you say, “Is an iron pan heavy?” Well, I think heavier is the Teflon one. Not really, I know there are lightweight Teflon pans these day. For iron pan, there are a lot of kinds as well and those for home-use are not so heavy, as around one kg.

Conclusion 2: Iron Pan Is The winner in Cost Performance and Cooking! 

As a result, I am happy that I switched to iron pan from Teflon one three years ago. I cannot even imagine other than iron pan now. That said, I won’t deny advantages of a stainless pan, a titanium pan, a ceramic pan and a green pan. They are expensive, so great as merchandises for the affiliate program. They can appeal much to readers with “For your family’s health!” or “Only XX yen for a day!”

However, nothing can beat an iron frying pan in reliability. That’s “the Iron Age” Hittite in 15th century BC!!

If you are looking for a great iron pan for life, for your SNS, for brand royalty, the following are your choice. They are all countries producing good cars...is this because they are made of iron?


Roesle (Germany)

Established as a roof materials manufacturer Marktoberdorf in Germany in 1888. Started to produce kitchen tool in 1902.


Looks like reliable German automobile. If it go head-to-head with your minicar, only yours will be squashed.

レズレー アイアンフライパン キャストハンドル 24cm 26411

Resle irron frying pan cast handle 24cm  

Turk (Germany)

In 1857 a skilled blacksmith, Albert Karl Turk, established the company. With a plant in the the Ruhr area with mines, the center of iron products manufacturing in Germany, Turk’s maisters keep producing classic frying pans.

Turk - ターク日本公式ホームページ

Turk Japan Offical website

It has a super cool website. Products are more expensive than other brands. I like the simple design but a too long handle is a bit concern.

[ ターク ] turk Classic Frying pan 24cm クラシックフライパン 65524 鉄 ドイツ並行輸入品 新生活 [並行輸入品]

de Buyer (France)

de Buyer was established as a cooking tool manufacture in Le Val-dʼAjol in France in 1830. It offers 3,000 kinds of products.
de Buyer - Wikipedia

de Buyer - Wikipedia

A very popular brand. You can trust cooking utensils coming from the country of gourmet.

デバイヤー 鉄 フライパン 26cm ミネラルビー エレメント 本格シェフ使用 5610.26

De Buyer iron frying pan 25cm mineral B Element pprofessional chef-use

Yamada Kogyosho (Japan)

The largest Chinese round-bottomed pan (wok) brand in Japan, with 80% share in Yokohama Chinatown. It is the only Japanese maker which uses the beatening method.

Its hits 5,000 times to create a pun… Why? You should read the following report. The maker spirit is super hot! (I have a Chinese wok of Yamada)

President Yamada is hot too!


Prokitchen "Yamada Kogyosho" Report 


山田 打出し 鉄 フライパン(2.3mm厚)24cm

Yamada beatening-method frying pan (2.3mm thickness) 

Endo Shoji (Japan) *tokyocabin's choice

The wonderful point is its short handle! With a 24 cm diameter, the handle is only 12 cm-length. Thanks to this, it can put in the oven and be washed in a small sink. All in all, the handle of an iron pan is too long. It would be convenient in a spacious kitchen with a number of stoves or in the outdoor environment. I am cooking in kitchen of a space of only three or two tatami mats with ONE small stove. Such a long handle is just an obstacle to my work. No need to worry about a too hot handle. You just wrap it with a small towel, that’s all. I don’t recommend a wooden handle, which may decay and doesn’t last for life. Lastly, Endo’s is cheaper than above four brands.

遠藤商事 業務用 鉄黒皮 オーブン用 厚板フライパン 24cm IH対応 鉄 日本製 AHL94024

Endo Shoji Pro-use thick frying pan for oven 24cm, IH-enabled, made in Japan 

Ultra Conclusion!

It was so sweet at first...but we grow away in a few years. That’s Teflon-pan love.
Although we felt clumsy first, our love grow with time. An iron pan will be with you for life.
Which would you like to choose?

Bonus Track

Egg-specialized frying pan?!

美味しんぼ 第68話 卵とフライパン - YouTube
"Oishinbo" No.68 Eggs and Frying Pan

“A professional cook has a frying pan for omelet, aside from the others. The pan is only for eggs.”

OK, I understand… Incidentally, a stainless frying pan used restaurants is good to check the color of source, but difficult to adjust heat. It is better for professionals.

Thank you for your reading to the end.