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A Cat Turns Into Eternity by Remixing--Sean Hogan


I have already introduced Sean Hogan, who makes ordinary sounds into breathtaking remix with his superb arrangement skill. So today, let’s try a couple of numbers created with the sounds from a tortoiseshell cat the creator kept. Very lovely tunes.


Undertale - Asgore with a cat + Bergentrückung Intro

Undertale - Asgore with a cat + Bergentrückung Intro 😸 - YouTube
Sean Hogan
2017/07/26  Published

Each meowing are followed by rolling, which is so cute. (No wonder because it’s a loop video.) Her burnt hotcake-like black-and-yellow-mixture fur is another killing point. The music gets more exciting with a high-pitch added from 2:38. At last, she cools down herself by sipping milk. After the amazing performance, we can observe the cat for a while without music. The scene is so peaceful that strongly recommended for, especially, cat-lovers. Cats can move so gracefully with sense of music that they may not need any music. Do you agree with me?  Sorry, I am brutally honest.

LA Olympic Theme Song

the olympic theme song but with a cat - YouTube
Sean Hogan
2018/03/08  Published

Is she even trying performance of fanfare? Nobody can know the cat’s true feelings and that’s exactly the point. Olympics theme by cats, the most inappropriate animal for “athletics” (not because of their physical/intellectual abilities, but their stance) on earth. Post-performance part is attractive again.


my cat passed away...

my cat passed away 😿 - YouTube
Sean Hogan
2018/04/16  Published

This is the last movie. Yes, the cat passed away at the age of 16. The creator edited this video shot by his sis. The cat looks so cute and is loved by sis. Her body was gone, but her adorable meows are spreading to the world on YouTube eternally….


Happy Birthday, P-chan! This is a tribute to your “Nyau-nyau,” incredibly pretty cat kept by you. I made this hommage to commemorate your birthday.

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