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”Datoyo (That’s what they said)” by Takkyu Ishino Vs. Kansai Electrical Safety Inspection Association


Yesterday’s news on the arrest of Pierre Taki, a member of techno-pop duo Denki Groove, literally gave an electrical shock across Japan, no, all over the whole world since Denki is so popular! As so many people have already written about Pierre, I’d rather approach Takkyu Ishino, the other member of the duo. I am the person who tends to be intrigued by relatively unfocused area (or persons).

<Takkyu Ishino tweets “Datoyo (That’s what they said)” Hokkaido Event cancels Due to Pierre’s Arrest > 

“Datoyo” is an appropriate word, at least for me, because Takkyu is not to be blamed for what happend. Honestly to say, I’ve got addicted to his cool “Datoyo” comment and feel like using this word occasionally.

What is worse is a commercial video with Takkyu’s music is likely to be called off.

This is the commercial and Takkyu’s song is lovely, I think.

Kansai Denki Hoan Groove (Credit solely to Takkyu Ishino)

石野卓球が、関西電気保安協会CMソングをテクノアレンジ! WEB動画「関西電気保安グルーヴ」 - YouTube
2019/02/28 Published

In my view, Kansai Denki Hoan Kyokai (Kansai Electrical Safety Inspection Association, KSDH) is very fishy. It is spending a lot of money for expensive commercial films to promote the importance to prevent electrical leak, etc. However, KSDH’s fraud inspection was broadly reported in the end of last year. I believe that the new video with Takkyu’s song is a measure to conceal its scandal. I also imagine that the association is trying to use up is allocated budget by the end of fiscal year in April...

Other than Takkyu’s song, KSDH spends a lot of money for ads full of Kansai comedy sense. (Among others, the creativity of Takkyu is at a different level.) However, people are just hoping for lower electricity bill. KSDH is not an electric power company but its external body. I think that’s the trick.

Here, you can check a variety of KSDH ads...

関西電気保安協会CMまとめ - YouTube


There is a man of wisdom who kindly answer to my woolly-mind.

Safety inspection for various electric facilities
Maintenance/watching for corporate electric facilities
Installation/repair/building consultation
Electricty-related qualification/technique lectures
PR operations for safety usage of electricity
Cooperation with Kansai Electric Power

There are so many this type of useless foundation in Japan. They provide government bureaucrats with juicy post-retirement positions. KSDH is, in reality, a subsidiary of Kansai Electric Power. I don’t quite understand why such a company can spend a large amount of money for TV ads.

I cannot stand hearing such an association giving a damn about Takkyu-sama!  Shut up KSDH!!


By the way, Hikaru Ijyuin, my respected commentator, cleverly said, first of all “Why does he (Pieer) need such a thing?


Visual & sound drug does not work?

Trippy Visual - Marijuana - YouTube

Matthew Russell
2011/03/07  Published

Tripping with sound is the essential way to enjoy techno/trance music?  Is music enough for him??

Of course Takkyu-sama knows this best. Anyway, he is the largest victim in this trouble. So I strongly support his “Datoyo” attitude. Yes, this story is going to end “datoyo”!