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札束を配る善意のラッパー、ドレイクの「ゴッズ・プラン」 / God's Plan -Drake, A Cash-Rich Benevolent Rapper

Drake - God's Plan - YouTube


This video must be shocking to a person who watch it for the first time. In Miami, rapper Drake hands a wad of cash to deprived families in trouble and announced at a supermarket that "Anything you guys want in the store is free whatever you guys want!" He donates most of the budget for the MV of more than 1 mllion dollars.

撮影に使ったドル札はフェイクだ、偽善だのなんだのという人たちもいますが、まさにそういうヘイター(成功を羨み攻撃する人)に対する挑戦の歌です。成功者が行う慈善を批判するのは簡単です。でもいくら成功している人でも物惜しみする人には一銭も出せません。仮に偽善だったとしても、困っている人を助けるのはいいことではないでしょうか? 有言実行の大変勇気ある動画です。

Some people attack him that the dollars were fake, his action is hypocrisy, or whatever. Drake song is exactly a challenge against such haters who envy his success.  It is easy to criticize a successful person like him, but we know that a stingy person can't give a cent even he is very rich.  A good deed is a good deed. I believe this is a very brave video.