ちょっと違う「セイム・ガール」(R・ケリー ft.アッシャー)/ A Little Different Same Girls - R. Kelly ft. Usher

There are various "Same Girl"s.



「セイム・ガール」(R・ケリー ft. アッシャー)/ Same Girl - R. Kelly ft. Usher

R. Kelly - Same Girl - YouTube


Is she the same girl?? Or?' You can enjoy an interesting story in this short but lavish movie that is appropriate for two R&B big stars. I beleive I'm not the only one who feel dizzy by watching a succession of rich scenes with a luxurious condo, a mansion, a supercar, a private jet and the like. 





アレックス・アイオノ&ウィリアム・シングのカバー / Alex Aiono and William Singe Cover

Same Girl by Usher and R. Kelly | Alex Aiono and William Singe Cover - YouTube


Alex and Willam are rising young singers. Both of them are noted for good singing, so you can enjoy the vocal. Simple instrumental performance goes well with their song. I love the laughing in the last part. Lastly, I wish I could listen to Willam's launchepad more!


デズモンド・デニス&トーン・スティスのカバー /  Desmond Dennis & Tone Stith Cover

Same Girl by Usher and R. Kelly | Desmond Dennis and Tone Stith Cover - YouTube


After going through the super rich video of Kelly and Usher, these boys' "Same Girl" sounds so seraphic, like bird chirping or young monks reciting a litany.

特にしょっぱなのデズモンド(右)の「Yo, Tone」からの透明感はほとんどフルートの音です。それを受けるトーンの声も優しくて味のある響き。こんな二人の「セイム・ガール」とはかなりエンジェリックな「セイント・ガールだったんではないかな? 

In particular, Desmond's voice starting with "Yo, Tone" is so  transparent like a flute. Tone replys to it with his gentle, nuanced vocal. The "Same Girl" for such two must be a truely angelic "Saint Girl."


ドイツ版 / Sven Lüchtenborg Cover ft. Adrian Krasniqi Cover

Same Girl x Fake Love - R Kelly, Usher, Drake (Sven Lüchtenborg Cover ft. Adrian Krasniqi) - YouTube

ドイツの「セイム・ガール」は、本家版より肉感が薄い。お尻が透ける黒ドレスどころかGパンですから! でもって、やり取りしている二人も歌手というよりプログラマーっぽい? お国柄を感じる動画です。デュオ自体は男っぽい歌い方で好感!

German "Same Girl" is less sensuous than the original. She doesn't wear a see-through black mini dress, but jeans!  The two men look like programmers rather than singers. This seems to be the German style. The duo's masculine vocal is great!  


ユディ・タマシロのコレオグラフィー / Choreography by Yudi Tamashiro


We cannot find a lot of dance choreography for "Same Girl" manybe because of the lyrical content. Against this background, it was fortunate for me to discover Yudi Tamashiro, a Brazilian dancer. 

R. Kelly ft. Usher - Same Girl | Coreografia por Yudi Tamashiro - YouTube

真ん中の人がタマシロさんです。それにしても、なんでみんなヲタクダンスの人みたいにチェックのネルシャツなんだろ? ブラジルで流行ってるのかな?


ダンスは0:29からです。早う踊れや!しかもとっても早く終わるし、なんなんだよ、ダンスのビデオじゃないの? このあたり、ルディ・マンキューソがネタにするラテン性か? そう思う一方、その前のローライダーのホッピングも結構みごたえがあるので全体としては許す。

The Dance, which starts at 0:29 and ends 1:20, is too short! Is this really a dance video?  It may have something to do with the Latin culture, which is often imitated by Rudy Mancuso. It is OK, however, because the first quarter of the video dedicated to hoppng lowriders is interesting to watch anyway.


Tamashiro's unique choreography is impressive. My favorite part is where he quickly shuffles his hand in front of his chest.  I will follow his studio's channel.


「スマイル」(カーク・フランクリン)/ Smile - Kirk Flaklin 

Kirk Franklin - I Smile | Coreografia por Yudi Tamashiro - YouTube


On the other hand, this video is rather long.  I love the bright Brazilian feeling of the Tamashiro team so much!  They do hand waving before eating bread at the table with a playful touch, which is funny and heartwarming.


まとめ / Wrapping Up

あなたの思い描いた女性に近いのはどのアーチストの「セイム・ガール」でしたか? いろいろな解釈と表現を試せるのがカバー曲の面白さですね。

Which "Same Girl" is closest to the one you imagine? You can interpret the original and arrange it in your own way, which is the best part of covers.


Thank you for reading this to the end!