【独占企画】デズモンド・デニス、歌えて踊れて増殖できる男(2) / Desmond Dennis, A Man Who Can Sing, Dance And Clone Himself (2)



Singer Desmond Dennis, who can play simultaniously 14 characters in his perfornce on YouTube. In Part 2, let us check his dancing and comedy sense.


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デズモンド踊るよ! オリジナル曲で/ Desmond's Dance To His Original Tunes!

歌は上手だとして、この人どの程度踊れるの? 画像編集で雰囲気作って終わりじゃなくて?と思われる方もいらっしゃることでしょう。その不安を払拭する彼の最新オリジナル曲をご紹介しましょう! 

OK, we know his singing is very well, but how about dancing?  Does he maneuver videos to show his movement better?  For such skeptical audience, I've got this video.


最新オリジナル曲「タップ・オン・イット」/ Latest Original Song, Tap On It (Remix) Feat. ANT Vibe 


In his original song "Tap On It," he shows us cutting-edge dance steps. The choreography, which is designed by him of course, is natural, avoiding too much sophistication.  You can see, however, the finesse of his dance.  


黒の上下にネイビーブルーのジャケット+ゴールドチェーンにゴールドのメガネ!のデズモンドが、断然いいですね。Desmond in navy blue jacket + gold chains + gold-rimmed glasses is dope. 


歌って踊れる高校生バンドだったSJ3 / SJ3 - Girls Like


 During his high school days in South Jersey, Desmond and his firends formed band SJ3 and pursued pop/R&B/hiphop-mixed music. They sang, danced and produced by themselves. 

SJ3 - Girls Like - YouTube

"Girls Like"は「右にも左にもいけてる子」というモテ男子の歌です。デズモンドの歌は2番ですが当時から歌唱力高いです。歌もさることながら、ダンスがとてもよく動けてます。しかも、デズモンド自身が誇っているとおり、2013年当時からすでに音楽・演出・撮影その他全て自前ですから

"...Bad girls to the left. Badder girls to the right" 

"Girls Like" is a song for popular boys in the club.  Desmond sings the second verse with his nice voice. As he proudly says in the above Instagram, "choreography, music production, lyrics, music editing and video edits were all by us alone" in 2013. This is just amazing. 


古典パフォーマンスもしっかり勉強 / The Temptations Mashup


Desmond does his own choreography even now, or his body moves naturally to a song. Noteworthy is the fact that he learned dancing styles from old groups, such as The Temptations and The Jackson 5. 

The Temptations Mashup - YouTube


I wonder how hard it is to dance all members and shoot them from different angles. 


1965年のヒット曲「マイ・ガール」「ザ・ウェイ・ユー・ドゥ/ The Temptations - Treat Her Like A Lady

The Temptations: My Girl and The Way You Do The Things You Do 1965 - YouTube



ほれぼれしちゃうギャグセンス / Desomond Is A Literal Stand-upper


As you've already seen in "Finesse (Choir Version)"  in Part 1, Desmond has a remarkable sense of humor. He can play a comedy very well.


マイク争奪戦 / Clone 5 - Treat Her Like a Lady ft. Kyle Maack 


After issues with Desmond Dennis, Clone 5 replaces him with Kyle Maack, who has been a lot less trouble than Desmond has been. Suddenly Desmond breakes into their stage, which triggers a fight over a microphone.

Clone 5 - Treat Her Like a Lady ft. Kyle Maack - YouTube


1984年のヒット曲「トリート・ハー・ライク・ア・レディ」/ The Temptations - Treat Her Like A Lady

The Temptations - Treat Her Like A Lady - YouTube


「キャンディ・レイン」で犯人(ほし)をあげろ / Criminals Sing Candy Rain (BROOKLYN NINE-NINE Spoof)

Criminals Sing Candy Rain (BROOKLYN NINE-NINE Spoof) - YouTube

タイトルにある通り、『ブルックリン・ナイン-ナイン』というコメディドラマのパクリです。当然、全ての役をデズモンドがやるというのがミソ! キャラも歌い方も変えてまさに自分のネタにしてしまっています。
This is a spoof of BROOKLYN NINE-NINE, but he turned it into his own video by playing all characters by himself, changing their ways of singing.


ざっくりとした訳(ネタバレ) / In Japanese 



1994年のヒット曲「キャンディ・レイン」 / Soul For Real - Candy Rain (1994)

Soul For Real - Candy Rain - YouTube

元ネタ『ブルックリン・ナイン-ナイン』「歌う容疑者たちとジェイク」/ Jake Makes The Criminals Sing in BROOKLYN NINE-NINE 

Jake Makes The Criminals Sing | Season 5 Ep. 17 | BROOKLYN NINE-NINE - YouTube




 総評 / Wrapping Up


I introduced Desmond Dennis, a man who creates everything, including his own clones. His channel is still on the way to reach one million subscribers, but it already is an outstanding channel in light of music video quality and upload frequency. If you are looking for nice R&B songs and funny videos at the same time, why don't you check his channel?


Thank you for reading this to the end!