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【速報】マンキューソ「ストーリーテリング」/ Storytelling - Rudy Mancuso


Rudy Mancuso has today released a video, "Storytelling"



ルディ・マンキューソって誰?/ Who's Rudy  Mancuso?


ルディ・マンキューソは、アメリカのコメディアンにしてミュージシャン、その実態はスーパー・ユーチューバー(チャンネル登録者数490万人)です。 イタリア系の父、ブラジル系の母をもつ彼は、米国で勢いを増すヒスパニック・アメリカンです。また5歳の頃からピアノを弾いていた彼は、作詞作曲も手がけます。そんなわけで彼のネタは、音楽とラテンいじりが必ず含まれています。保証します、どの動画もハズレ無しです!

Rudy Mancuso is an American comedian, musician and the Internet personality. He is a super YouTuber boasting 490M+  subscribers!  Rudy, a son between Intalian father and Brazilian mother, is one of Hispanic Americans, who are gaining cultural momentum in the US. Having started to play the piano at age of five, he now creates original funny songs. Naturally, his videos always are full of music and jokes with a Latino twist. Every video produced by him is dope!  I guarantee it.


「ストーリーテリング」(聞いてくれよ) / Storytelling



画像をクリックしてね! / Click this image!


Storytelling | Rudy Mancuso, Anwar Jibawi & Simon Rex - YouTube


Mancuso and Anwar Jibawi exchange their crazy experience last night, in the style of typical American storytelling with a brisk tempo. They were supposed to spend a gorgeous night with a mysterious sexy girl...


This is a so-called "same girl" story. Speaking of "Same Girl,"...Well, let's listen to this.




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